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The Five Year Journal: Just Minutes Per Day

Mumbling Mommy is a proud partner of The Five Year Journal: Tracking Your Growth in Positivity, Gratitude and Kindness, now…

Just One More: Happy Birthday, Teagan

Eight years ago, I didn’t feel ready for one more baby. It was my third pregnancy, and she was the…

Just Now 13: Happy Birthday, London

London, today you are officially a teen – but it seems like you’ve been one for years. As the youngest…

Shine Bright like a Diamond: Happy 10th, Erinn

Erinn, today your age shifts from single to double digits. Some days, as you explain to me how to use…

Strength in Vulnerability: Happy 14, Emilia

Emilia, today we start the second official year of your time as a teenager. I remember multiple people warning me…

A Look at 15: Happy Birthday, Ferris

Happy 15th birthday, Ferris. Last night as I was heading to bed, you told me that you were going to…

Problem Solving and Paw Patrol: Happy 7th Birthday, Teagan

Teagan turns seven – and Mom writes about the way she problem solves and brings a childlike quality to the whole family.

Shedding the Shy: London is 12

London was always considered “shy” as a little one — but she’s shed that connotation and turns 12 today.

Finding the Words: Happy 9th Birthday, Erinn

On Erinn’s 9th birthday, writer Katie Parsons admires the growing traits her daughter is developing as a conversationalist.

When Your Parenting Turns 13

When a child turns 13 – parenting takes on a whole new meaning.