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Strength in Vulnerability: Happy 14, Emilia

Emilia, today we start the second official year of your time as a teenager. I remember multiple people warning me…

Problem Solving and Paw Patrol: Happy 7th Birthday, Teagan

Teagan turns seven – and Mom writes about the way she problem solves and brings a childlike quality to the whole family.

Shedding the Shy: London is 12

London was always considered “shy” as a little one — but she’s shed that connotation and turns 12 today.

When Your Parenting Turns 13

When a child turns 13 – parenting takes on a whole new meaning.

London: Observer of Life

London, on your 11th birthday, I want you to remember the importance of being an observer first, actor second.

Meeting the Teen Years

Today our family embarks on a new journey — the teenage years. My oldest son Ferris turns 13. When my…

The Shelf Life of Cute: Thoughts on Teagan’s 5th Birthday

My youngest child Teagan turns 5 today. Though she’s the baby of the family, she seems to move so quickly…

10 Years of London Adventures

Today my daughter London turns 10. Born on the first day of summer – the day with the most sunlight…

High Needs at Age 7

My daughter Erinn is 7 today. If you’ve been reading this blog from the beginning, you’ve probably read a few…