Erinn, today your age shifts from single to double digits.

Some days, as you explain to me how to use makeup blenders or model a fashion trend from items in your closet, I wonder how you can ONLY be 10 today. Other days, as you intertwine your fingers with mine at the store, or ask me to help you get tucked in properly with ALL your bedtime necessities, I wonder how we’ve reached 10 so quickly.

Erinn, you’ve always had an eye for things of glitter. You love sparkles, and spotlights, and hoop earrings, and rhinestone heels, and microphones, and makeup, and all things shiny. You gravitate towards the light — towards the things that are aesthetically pleasing and stand out.

It’s not just a gravitation, though. You embody the very things you are drawn to — your smile glistens, your voice skips along when you tell a story or sing, your face is often as bright as the bedazzlement on your purse or shoes. You stand in the spotlight, unafraid to try new things and to be you.

You’re also hard on yourself — harsher than any of your critics, by far. You want to live up to your potential at every turn and you don’t take making mistakes easily. You’re confident, but it’s hard for you to be vulnerable. You want to exude strength in each moment, and sometimes that means you experience the downsides of perfectionism.

You want to be the best, at everything, and as your parents, it’s our job to remind you that no success comes without a few hiccups. There is no growth without mistakes and Erinn, your potential for growth is immeasurable. We’re here for the bumps in the road and want to support you through them.

So as you enter this brand new decade — one of the most pivotal of your entire life — keep shining. Keep letting the light push through. Keep trying new things and know your biggest fans live under the same roof. We’re cheering for you, Er-Bear and you make us so proud.

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