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London: Observer of Life

London, on your 11th birthday, I want you to remember the importance of being an observer first, actor second.

8 Years Old: Glitter, Glitz and Glamour

Erinn Sarah Rose – Today you turn 8. In so many ways, you have been the child who has turned…

Alzheimer’s Diagnosis: Lost Time with Mom

These days the threat of Alzheimer’s disease guides my every move.

12 Years of Following Cues

Twelve years later I’m still looking to you for my cues. I watch you to learn what you need — as a student, performer, humanitarian and young woman.

How often should I wash my jeans?

This post is a collaboration with The Laundress There is a theory that denim should never be washed. In fact,…

Meeting the Teen Years

Today our family embarks on a new journey — the teenage years. My oldest son Ferris turns 13. When my…

The Shelf Life of Cute: Thoughts on Teagan’s 5th Birthday

My youngest child Teagan turns 5 today. Though she’s the baby of the family, she seems to move so quickly…