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With warm (or sometimes downright hot) weather upon us already, you may be looking forward to planning the next vacation for your family. There’s just something about a summer vacation that exudes possibilities for families and is a favorite time to travel, both in the states and internationally. If you’re looking for suggestions, here are some ideas of great family places to visit during the summer. 

Orlando, Florida

I don’t know about yours, but my kids absolutely love roller coasters. In this one Florida city, you can find several of the United States’ most iconic theme parks, making it easy to fill a whole week with entertainment. Check out Disney World and Universal Studios Florida (Orlando is home to both) for a guaranteed family-friendly good time. Need to get out of the heat? Explore one of the many water parks like SeaWorld’s Aquatica to cool off or head to the air-conditioned aquarium for an up-close glimpse of marine life. We always have a great time here, and I bet your family will too!

Bora Bora

Bora Bora is truly one of the most beautiful locations in the world for a summer getaway. Known for its pristine beaches and incredible snorkeling, this tiny island has something to keep travelers of all ages active and happy. If you are a seafood lover, take advantage of the local cuisine, which features fresh fish all year round. It’s true, the flights can be a big upfront expense, but you can usually find great Bora Bora hotel deals which are luxurious and won’t hurt your wallet. It is sure to be a trip you and your family will never forget. 

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago in the summer is a truly wonderful family experience. While in the winter it is cold and windy, the summer months in Chicago are gorgeous. It’s a perfect spot to spend some time with my family, especially when I’m watching my budget. Even though it’s a major city, staying in Chicago is still relatively cheap. There are plenty of inexpensive ways to enjoy your time there. One of our favorite ways to see the city is to take an architecture tour down the Chicago River. This is both an interesting and beautiful experience. Chicago is an ideal spot for a summer trip. 

Athens, Greece

If you and your family are fans of history, Athens, Greece might be an unexpectedly perfect spot for a summer trip. Considered to be “the cradle of Western Civilization,” Athens is a vibrant city that happens to be home to more historic ruins than almost any city in the world. Take a walking tour of the Acropolis to get stunning panoramic views and a taste of the fascinating history of Ancient Greece. When you get hungry, grab a gyro from a street vendor, or even better, take a food tour and sample more local cuisine. Bonus: When you get tired of the history, take a dip in the Mediterranean to cool off. As a major port city, the beach is never far away!

As our kids get older, it feels more important than ever to plan trips where we can enjoy quality family time together. If you’re hoping to find a balance of relaxation and entertainment for you and your kids, any one of these cities might be the perfect spot for your next vacay. 

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