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How would you rate your connection to your family members? Even if you are spending a lot more TIME with your loved ones, how much of it is quality? Here are some reasons why you should make dedicated time for family bonding

Creates lasting memories

Memories hold significant knowledge about our lives, personal attributes, and characters. Whenever you spend quality time bonding with family, all other relatives capture emotional episodes of precious moments. It helps to create a sense of belonging and reinforces the meaning of having a family. These feelings become beloved possessions each family member is willing to protect for all time. Take pictures and use the Troypoint App to make downloading those captured precious moments with your family easier and safer. You can also tell stories or create new family traditions and implement the old ones.

Boosts academic performance in kids

In general, children do better when they feel connected to their families. This is because such connections create a positive, constructive, and helpful relationship between them and their families- which, in turn, strengthens their mental and emotional health. Healthy mental well-being is an important feature that propels academic performance in children. As a parent, you should do more than just follow up on your child’s academic progress; taking time to know them and bond with them gives them the chance to open up and feel safe. Doing this creates a safe and conducive environment for them to learn and thrive academically.

Creates healthy communication lines

Admittedly, not every person is gifted with the skill of communication, and this can be even more challenging for parents. However, you should know that effective communication is the building block of every healthy relationship. You can easily overcome this by creating more bonding time with your family; the more time the family spends together, the more channels are opened for interaction. More so, it boosts each person’s confidence to speak up on issues when necessary.

Builds positive behaviors

Children who grow up with secure and healthy attachments to the family have a better chance of building positive behavior. It could become a habit that stays from childhood through to adult years when they move out of the nest. In most cases, risky and reckless behaviors among children have elements of parental control and bonding deficits. In a study by the US National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, teenagers who spend little to no time at family dinners are twice as likely to abuse narcotic substances.

There are so many reasons why you should encourage bonding with your family; it is vital in any relationship and cannot be overlooked if your objective is to build long-lasting connections. So, start making plans to spend some quality time with your family. 

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