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As the world starts to open up again after the pandemic, you may be dreaming of places to go and things to do as vacation time comes around

Below are some tips to consider when planning your next holiday to ensure you make the most of it and are ready for every eventuality. For up to date travel advice, it is always best to check out the airlines, or for up-to-date information on restrictions, you can also check out the CDC‘s latest COVID-19 information.

Time of Year

Deciding on the time of year is essential for specific destinations. You don’t want to go to a country when it’s monsoon season! It’s also crucial to establish if you can get the time off work too. Being flexible is important too. Researching the best time of year to visit a country will ensure you experience it without having to worry about rain or extreme heat. You could read this post on the most beautiful cities in the world to give you some inspiration.

Length of Stay

When you do decide your location, knowing how much time you have to spend it is essential. From a weekend break to a 2-week stay, the decision is yours. If you are unsure, then sit down and work out what budget you have which may well determine your length of stay.


What type of experience are you looking for? Do you wish to relax and unwind or maybe you want to climb mountains or visit cities? Knowing what you want to experience will help you decide on the location and time you wish to spend there. If you are going with a group of people and want someone else to organize the holiday for you, why not check out where they can take care of the preparations for you?

Getting Around

If you love to drive, then you could opt for a self-drive holiday. If you are a keen cyclist, you could opt for a cycling holiday. There are so many options to choose from so deciding on how you want to travel and get around could help you decide on the type of holiday to choose. There are also options to travel by overnight trains. Whatever method you choose, make it an adventure.

Style of Accommodation

From apartments, hotels, villas, the list is endless. The choice can be too much at times so have a think of what you want to do on holiday and whether you wish to cook or have your meals prepared for you. Decide on the vibe you want, such as a remote villa for the tranquility or a city hotel for the hustle and bustle of the nightlight and shopping.

Travel Requirements

With the pandemic, commercial travel on airlines may be restricted, so it is best to check out the requirements before deciding on your holiday.  As well as that, you may require a Visa to enter a country and have to go through a complex process that you may not want the hassle of. It’s always best to check these requirements before you make a firm commitment on the location you wish to visit.

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