Check out these cheap and cheerful summer activities everyone will love.

Summer is here! And after a long, turbulent winter with dreadful weather not to mention the Spring wash out, it hasn’t come soon enough. Summer is such a wonderful season as it means we all get to spend a lot more time with each other, making lots of memories and enjoying the long days and warm evenings.

But summer also means six whole weeks where the children aren’t at school and I’m pretty sure that at some point during that period you’re going to hear the dreaded words “I’m bored”…

Keeping the kids entertained all summer long is an expensive business and if you’re living on a tight budget it’s enough to fill you with dread when you’re short of a few bucks to keep them entertained 24/7 (Parents: check out this website for information on potential investments!).

So, with this in mind I’ve come up with 5 cheap and cheerful summer activities that you and the little ones can enjoy, without spending a penny!

Have fun!

Create your very own water park

Who doesn’t love a trip to the water park during the hot summer days? As wonderful as they are, they’re not always kind to your budget so why not create on at home instead? All you’ll need are a couple of paddling pools, a slip and slide, maybe even a sprinkler and you’re good to go. Maybe add some bubbles to the water to make it extra interesting and even some bath toys. The kids will love it! You could even create races for them to compete in and competitions. All supervised of course!

Go bug hunting

Do you have a budding biologist or entomologist at home? Well, why not satisfy their curiosity and let them discover the micro world of mini beasts and bugs that they can find in their own back yard? All they’re going to need is a magnifying glass, or if you don’t have one – don’t worry, they can still search for minibeasts and study them in a jar or a plastic container. Just make sure they return them safely afterwards.

Have a dance party

On those inevitable rainy days, you’re going to need something to keep them entertained. So, how about a dance party in the living room? All you need is a clear space and somewhere to play music. Put on a playlist of all their favourite songs or ones that are good to dance to and see who can bust the best moves! Or see who has the wiggliest dance!

Go for a walk

Do a little research into family friendly walks that are near to you and head out for the day. Whether it’s a walk along the coastline, or even through protected woodland, open countryside or even around a lake make sure you take a picnic with you and plenty of fluids so you can enjoy the whole day outside and letting the kids burn off some energy!

Head to the library

There’s usually so much going on during the summer at the library. From reading challenges to guest authors, creative activities and even pop up cinemas. See what’s happening at your local library!


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