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Kyle is a father of 4 wonderful kids (Claire, 5; Sophia, 3; Grace, 3; and Walter, 6 months), husband to Sarah, and owner of a beagle named Pete. Professionally, Dr. Coble is a professor of marketing at a mid-size private university just outside of St. Louis, where he researches individuals’ willingness to engage with the unfamiliar. This is useful research, as he has been engaging with the unfamiliar on a daily basis since fatherhood began for him. In his spare time he enjoys board games with the girls, dates with his wife, and reading science fiction, fantasy, and history. If you would like to contact Kyle, e-mail him at

Navigating Music With Kids: “Dad, What’s a Booty?”

Upon entering parenthood, I discovered that one of the hells I was not prepared for was children’s music. I forgot…