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Cart abandonment is a significant issue for many ecommerce enterprises. Customers getting to the checkout page and then disappearing is an all-too-common phenomenon. 

Fortunately, you can try several tactics to prevent it. Here are some of the strategies you might want to implement going forward. 

Reduce Friction At The Checkout

The first tactic is to reduce the amount of friction at the checkout. Cutting down on the number of steps or fields customers have to type in can encourage them to buy impulsively. 

You don’t want customers to feel frustrated. If people feel like they can’t get the products or services they want quickly, then they will always feel tempted to give up or go to another online retailer offering a more convenient checkout process. 

Avoid Hidden Fees

Always be upfront about the fees you charge customers. Don’t wait for them to get to the checkout before telling them that shipping is going to cost more than the product itself. That tactic never works. 

Ideally, avoid additional fees altogether. If that’s not possible with your business model, tell customers upfront how much you charge for any extras.

If you wait until they pay to tell them about extra costs, they will automatically click out of your site and look for cheaper alternatives. Remember, total cost is what matters, not the price of products listed on your pages. 

Lack Of Product Information

You can also get into trouble if you fail to provide adequate product information to customers. Failing to provide sufficient details can make them more skeptical about what you sell, causing them to pause and seek alternative options from other suppliers. 

This issue isn’t particularly serious if you’re just a reseller. But if you do anything bespoke or unusual and it’s hard to find information about it elsewhere, it can damage your business tremendously. 

Therefore, always provide at least 100 words of information on the products you sell, and preferably up to 300 words for more comprehensive coverage. Always include details about sizing and warranty information where necessary. 

Accept Multiple Payment Options

You also want to accept multiple payment options. Taking card and e-wallet payments from various providers lets you access a wider audience of individuals looking to pay you using their preferred methods. 

The credit card reader available here is a good example of the type of technology now available to business owners, including ecommerce sites. These devices can accept payments in person or over the Internet and deal with banking systems directly. The more convenient you can make payment, the more likely it is that customers will keep coming back. 

Outline Your Returns Policy

You also want to outline your returns policy at the checkout to reassure customers who might be skeptical about the quality of your products. Putting somewhere in big letters where customers can return things they don’t want can help drive more sales overall (even if processing the returns is a hassle). 

Avoid Distractions

Finally, you can avoid cart abandonment by avoiding distractions. Focus the page exclusively on taking payment and nothing else. 

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