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As a business owner, it is your goal to see your business generate revenue and grow. Regardless of the type of business, employees play a significant role in its growth. Therefore, it is essential to keep them satisfied and appreciated. Doing this creates a cycle of increased productivity and efficiency amongst employees, which leads to business growth. So, how can you increase productivity amongst your employees to ensure that your business grows? Here are a few practical tips you can implement in your business today.

  1. Encourage rest and other healthy habits

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Staying healthy is one aspect to consider to increase productivity in your business. There is no room for productivity when you are not fit enough. Therefore, as a business owner, you can practice healthy habits at work. Structure work schedules to include short and long breaks. With short and long pauses, your employees may be able to walk around to stretch their limbs and prioritize exercise as part of their routines.

Your workers can have a change of diet and opt for more vegetables and fruit-based meals. Sometimes it can be a challenge to visit the gym after work. You can personally include walking and biking to work as an option. Sometimes, you can organize workout sessions for your employees. As they burn some calories and stretch their body, you get to groom togetherness amongst them. You may motivate your employees to drink more water and have enough rest at home. Once you can practice staying healthy with your employees, you can have improved productivity at work. 

  1. Set clear and attainable goals

There are so many tasks you need to complete during the year for your business. With the projects and activities available, it can be challenging to ensure you put the right strategies to complete these tasks on time and up to standard. This is why it is vital to set goals. Goals give your business and employees direction and motivation. It also breaks down various tasks for your employees to take the time to complete these activities correctly. Be sure to make these goals realistic, clear, and attainable. 

The best way to go about setting achievable goals for your business is to use a scaffolding approach. Assess the main projects scheduled for the company in the year. Break the tasks into mini-projects. Ensure your plan to divide the task into mini-projects will make one mini-project a foundation for the next. With the scaffolding approach, you will set clear goals for your mini projects with realistic timelines. When you set your mini-projects, you can track your progress and celebrate your step-by-step achievements until you meet your milestone. You need to keep your eyes on your deadlines, improve your project evaluation skills and save important dates for your projects on your calendar. 

  1. Be efficient

Being efficient within your business is another way of increasing productivity. It is important to identify various challenges in your business and create appropriate solutions to solving them. However, this can be difficult and may affect your staff’s efficiency, affecting your business growth. To avoid this, you should consult your employees to pinpoint these problems. Create space for your employees to offer suggestions to help you identify these problems and boost efficiency. 

You can also boost efficiency by practicing time management. You can resolve this by creating a work schedule to help your employees prioritize activities and meet various objectives and deadlines on time.

  1. Improve workplace conditions 

To increase productivity at your firm, you have to consider improving your company’s workplace conditions. Your employees spend a lot of time in a week behind their desks and need an environment that could adequately cater to their various needs. For example, employees would not be comfortable working in a cold room during the winter. This affects productivity as more time would be used to make themselves comfortable and little time spent on complete tasks. Therefore, ensure you have your cooling and heating systems working effectively to suit each of the weathers. Once you have an improved working area, your workers can work in comfort to increase productivity.

  1. Eliminate interruptions 

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Interruptions at the workplace affect the progress of work and reduce productivity. Distractions at work may come in many forms. For instance, phone calls and social media are common distractions in the workplace. These distractions cause workers to waste time, lose focus, disrupt work management, and delay assignments. You can eliminate these interruptions to your workflow by staying away from social media and phone while at work. Ensure that TVs or radios in the office are not set too loud to distract your employees. Be sure to limit office gossip sessions as often as possible.

  1. Delegate responsibilities 

Delegating your responsibilities to workers may be risky. However, doing so is vital to boost their confidence and improve job satisfaction. Delegating tasks to your workers will help them nurture their talents and skills. Your workers can be the leaders that will push the other employees to work harder to achieve more incredible milestones together. As the company benefits from the employees’ skills, the employees will also advance in their careers. This practice also effectively promotes time management. This gives you more time to complete other tasks and prevents the backlog of activities that usually occurs when there is no delegation.

  1. Provide modern tools and equipment

You can increase productivity if you can provide your workers with modern tools and equipment. Having the right tools and equipment can help a lot, but with modernized tools and kits, you can do more in a short space of time. Since technology is changing business, with most companies shifting to cloud-based tools, you can use advances in technology to maximize productivity.

Using high-quality types of equipment will save your company a lot of time. Keep yourselves updated on the modern trends in technology to determine which ones your company can use to make work easier and faster.

  1. Acknowledge good work

One way to increase productivity is to practice positive reinforcement among your employees. You can study their work progress. You can motivate, encourage and reward the deserving ones. Give your workers praises for working extra hard to achieve milestone feats. Tell them, “Good job.” You can pat them on the back to appreciate their dedication and commitment.

You can personally reach out to them overperforming staff, take them out to coffee or lunch as a way to appreciate them. You may give them a day or two off. Sometimes, let the other workers know the good deeds of the others. While the overperforming ones are happy, the other ones will want to emulate their good deeds. Once you establish the possibility of rewards and incentives for an excellent job done, more workers will be motivated to do more to get a bonus or a stimulus.

  1. Don’t leave tasks unfinished

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One way or the other, everyone in the professional field has left some tasks unfinished either because it was boring or there was an exciting new one to execute.

We usually don’t understand the stress we put everyone through when we later delay productivity due to our negligence of duty. If possible, always finish any task you start.

If you have time, you can allocate a lot of time to finish your tasks before moving to another job. Break the project up if you realize it is becoming a routine where you can’t complete your assignments on time. Do each small one gradually, and you may be able to finish it all off.

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