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Are you traveling in 2021? Just a reminder to check with each destination for its COVID-19 guidelines, as they continue to change and the most current accurate information may not be reflected in this post about Cape Henlopen State Park. These safety guidelines are important to remember as you plan your next family trip.

This summer, we took a little road trip East of our Southern Indiana home so we could explore a few new states, and state and national parks. One stop on our trip was Delaware because we’ve never visited that state before. While we were there, we made sure to visit Cape Henlopen State Park so we could enjoy a mixture of history and the ocean. Cape Henlopen is a treasure in the State Park system and I am so glad we were able to spend some time there! 

Cape Henlopen State Park is a large area with a lot to enjoy, from hiking and kayaking to swimming in the ocean and climbing in WWII lookout towers. A lot of people only go for the beach (which is really nice) but visitors should check out the other great things the park has to offer too! Here are a few experiences you should make sure to experience during your visit to Cape Henlopen State Park in Delaware!

Cape Henlopen State Park

Enjoy the Touch Tank and Aquariums located in the Nature Center

The Seaside Nature Center allows you to see local fish and reptiles. There is even a tank where you can touch whelks, horseshoe crabs and more. Naturalists are available to speak to in the nature center, and you can pick up a souvenir and grab a map of the park so you know how to find your way around the park. This is a great spot to start your day at Cape Henlopen State Park!

Cape Henlopen State Park

Climb the Observation Tower at Cape Henlopen State Park

My grandfather fought in World War II, so I found these towers so intriguing. Prior to the trip, I read online about this state park so I knew what to expect. The observation towers are what made me add this park to our MUST-do list when visiting Delaware. You can drive right up to the tower and climb to the top of the spiral staircase to get a gorgeous 360 degree view of the entire park. Make sure to check out the observation towers while you’re at Cape Henlopen because it’s a one of a kind experience!

Kayak the Bay

The side of the park where the bay is located is a great spot to kayak. You may luck out and spot some dolphins! You can rent kayaks at the fishing pier or even sign up for a guided kayak tour of the bay.

Swim and Hang Out at the Beach

Did you know that going to the beach is good for your brain? Not only was the beach at Cape Henlopen relaxing, it was beautiful! The waves were huge so we didn’t swim out very far. The kids had a wonderful time getting knocked down by the waves because they aren’t used to waves like that in our Indiana lakes. The main beach has a lifeguard, and the sand was perfect for making sandcastles. This beach is even dog friendly if your pup in on a leash.

The beach parking was ample so that was a plus. There was a restroom with changing areas on the way to the water. We enjoyed walking down the wooden bridge to the ocean too because you could see the sparkling blue water and bright blue sky. It was all so beautiful and the ocean was highlight of the day for my kids of course!

The beach was so beautiful!

Enjoy a Gelato

The main beach has a concession stand that serves a tasty Water Ice. Another great treat is the gelati – a layer of soft serve ice cream and water ice.  A gelati is just what a person needs on a hot summer beach day so they can cool down!

Hike the Sand Dunes at Cape Henlopen State Park

The Walking Dunes Trail is a lesser-known trail that will let you get up and close and personal with the humongous sand dunes in the park. So remember to pack some walking shoes for your time at Cape Henlopen and not just your flip flops!

Watch the Sunset from The Point

The place where the Atlantic Ocean and Delaware Bay meet is called The Point. It’s the best spot in the park so watch the setting sun so make sure you check it out while you’re at Cape Henlopen. 

There is a lot to experience at Cape Henlopen State Park in Delaware! If you’re wondering how to find deals when traveling, remember sometimes you need to check out spots that are a little off the beaten path. Thanks for reading!

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