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Do you have a destination in mind? Have you been hoping to visit a specific country for years? If so, you may be looking for ways to save on money while still having a great time. You’ve probably had friends who’ve exclaimed in the past, “I was able to travel to X destination for this amazing price!” 

Are you looking for deals that you can show off when you take your trip to the destination of your dreams? How do they do it? Here are a few ways that you can save money by finding top deals for your next trip. 

  • Be flexible on the timing of your trip. When planning a trip, we often have specific dates in mind and as we search online, we stick to these dates, even though the same (high) prices keep showing up. What if you look up your same search, such as “flights from Las Vegas” but this time, change the dates? Even if you’re moving the dates from a couple days before or to a few days after your original date, this can make a world of difference. Additionally, weekend trips tend to be pricier, so if you can travel in the week, consider booking for week days. If you can consider traveling whenever during the year, you could book in the off-season so that you get even better deals than you would otherwise. 
  • Consider looking for alternative routes. At times, flying into a nearby city can be a lot more cost-effective than flying to the exact destination you have in mind. On one trip, instead of flying directly into Milan, I took a flight to an airport right outside of Milan. The cost was considerably lower and the bus to Milan was really affordable. As you can see, the savings were worth it in this scenario. While you may have to schedule extra time for your transportation to and from the alternative airport, sometimes the deals you’ll find will make that planning a great idea. 
  • Think about another destination. This one is a bit difficult to decide as if you have an idea in mind of where you want to go, you’ve probably been wanting to go to that destination for a while. However, what if you’re simply looking for a beach vacation? Someone may have mentioned going to Hawaii, but when you look at flights and expenses, you find that it’s quite pricey. An alternative beach destination could be Tulum, Mexico which offers a beach destination at considerably lower price. 
  • Plan your flight hunt for Sunday or Tuesday. “They” say that looking for flights on Tuesdays allows you to find flights at least 5% cheaper than you would normally. Others have mentioned that if you want to book a last-minute flight, do your flight shopping on a Sunday. Additionally, there is even some “magic” found in booking your flight an exact number of days before your flight. From booking 40-something days out to fly to Canada to choosing to shop around 200 days out to fly to the Middle East, there are different secrets to how soon or far out your book your flight for specific dates. 
  • Take time to think about alternative lodging. While many people want comfort when finding lodging, that doesn’t mean you need to stay in a 5-star hotel. There are numerous budget-friendly hotels that offer comfort and safety, even if they lack in extra luxury. For a comfortable and private experience that will cost you less than most 5-star hotels, consider booking an Airbnb or other vacation rental option, which not only allows you to pay less but also provides you with a more comfortable experience. 

In Conclusion

There are deals to be found when planning trips. You simply have to have a little patience and perseverance but at the end of it all, it’s worth it. Those who shop around tend to pay hundreds less than those who simply press the “buy” button on the first flight or hotel they see. 

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