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Summer is upon us and what a summer it’s shaping up to be. Speaking of shaping up; what plans do you have for your fitness and health in summer of 2021? From taking care of the immune system to joining a gym, now that many are mask-free, there are several ways to stay on top of your health in the sunny season.  

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If you want to be sure to make the most of this summer, these 5 tips below can help you stay fit and health during the season we’ve all been looking forwards to: 

Stay hydrated

From helping you with weight loss to simply keeping you feeling healthy and protecting against heat stroke, it’s absolutely necessary to stay hydrated in the summer. If you’re someone who is active and spends a lot of time outdoors, hydration is key to a successful summer. 

From an insulated water bottle with cold water to a stock of hydrating drinks in your fridge you can grab and take on the go, it’s important to keep water and liquids nearby so you can stay hydrated throughout the day. This is especially true for someone who does a lot of exercise, as you will need to replenish fluids you may sweat out. 

Spend time outdoors

If you’ve been wanting to start up an exercise routine but aren’t sure if you want to join a gym, consider spending time outdoors. There are a lot of fun outdoor activities and hobbies you can try that will have you moving but also allow you to enjoy yourself. 

Whether you end up becoming an avid runner over the summer or pick up mountain biking, spending time outside can help you form a healthy habit of exercise while also allowing you to find something you really enjoy. 

Change up the type of food you eat

During the summer, we tend to crave lighter meals and fresher ingredients. If you found yourself eating heavy, unhealthy dishes over the winter, you could consider using the summer season as a great opportunity to incorporate fresh meals, such as fresh smoothies with chia, summer salads, or fresh greens with delectable fish on the side. Take some time to learn new recipes that will taste scrumptious and feel just as good for your body. 

Be patient and have fun

If you have goals you’re trying to reach over the summer, you could get frustrated if the results aren’t as fast as you want them to be. Remember that body building or weight loss at a gym both take time to achieve and as you start building better habits, you will reach your goals. It’s simply a matter of time. 

Think about keeping a fitness journal where you track the progress you’re making while also keeping track of how you feel throughout the process. Checking in with your mental well-being is just as important as staying on top of your physical health. 

Consider working with a trainer

You may know a lot about your sport or other important things in life, but do you know how to train your body for optimal results? As someone who wanted to build muscle and slim down, I knew what I wanted to do but not how to get there. So, I hired a personal trainer. 

While it’s an initial investment, the results will be more than worth it. Not only do you receive the knowledge they have to share, but you can also find an accountability partner in your trainer. 

Whether you just want to feel healthier this summer or you have fitness goals, there are ways to get where you want to be. From incorporating healthier meals into your diet to staying hydrated, little changes can make a big difference.  

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