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If you’re on the fence about taking a summer road trip, it’s time to jump off and take the plunge.

It’s true that road trips can be a challenge with young kids, but they can also leave you with some amazing memories. Here are six reasons to take the kids on a road trip this summer.

You can save money

In most cases, road trips make the most financial sense for a family vacation. Of course, you’d have to choose a destination within a reasonable distance, but you can save a ton of cash when you don’t have airfare expenses. You must buy a seat on any aircraft for a child who is two or older (it’s optional when they’re younger).

It’s a great time to catch up

If you have older kids, road trips are a great opportunity to hear more about what’s going on in their lives. Because you’re together in a limited space, you’re more likely to talk with each other. Plan some fun road trip games to get the conversation going. Once everyone is relaxed and laughing, the conversation should flow naturally.

Keep everything as organized as possible so the kids can help themselves to snacks and switch out games, electronics and any other items to help pass the time. Rely on technology to help with navigation, so you don’t get stressed behind the wheel.

It’s an excellent opportunity to see this beautiful country

When you fly to your destination, you get to point B quickly, bypassing anything on the ground between the two locations. On a road trip, the journey is almost as important as the destination. Plan as many fun stops as you can along the way to make the trip memorable. You can even encourage the kids to plan stops to get everyone involved and interested in where you’re going.

Last-minute trips are easier to plan

It’s not always so easy to plan a last-minute flight. And you may end up paying an arm and a leg if you do. On the other hand, it’s easy to hop in the car and go. Of course, you’ll want to spend some time packing and planning, but you don’t have as many time constraints. It’s especially easy if you’ve just purchased a new vacation vehicle that comfortably fits the whole family. Whether it’s an SUV or a camper, you’re already raring to go.

You have flexibility

When you hop on a plane, you know exactly where you’re going. There are (hopefully) no surprises. On a road trip, you can travel spontaneously and change your plans at the drop of a hat. Drive further than you planned, stay longer in one spot or completely change course. There are no flights to catch, so you can truly be on your own time. It’s a freeing experience that can put the entire family at ease.

There are so many reasons why you should plan a road trip this summer. Just think of all the places your kids have never seen. Why travel the world when there’s a world of adventure waiting for you in your backyard?

What has been your favorite road trip so far?

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