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If there is one thing we consider ourselves experts on here at Mumbling Mommy, it’s the wealth of knowledge we share on parenting. One of our most popular topics is pregnancy; difficulties getting pregnant, the joys of being pregnant, or the miracle of labor itself. Join us below as we revisit some of our most popular posts surrounding maternity.

Mommy 101: Managing Stress During Pregnancy by Tricia D.

Stress can sometimes rise to unmanageable levels during the thirty-eight weeks of pregnancy. Through helpful tips, Tricia wrote guidance for managing stress and anxiety while pregnant.

“…you can take twenty minutes of silent time and really concentrate on your breathing, it’s amazing how clear your thinking can become. I downloaded a couple of guided meditations from iTunes and found them to be very simple and helpful.”

Pregnancy and Fitness in Your 30s by Lori

Staying active while pregnant can be a challenge for some moms. Moderation and alteration to existing routines can make all the difference to both physical and mental health.

“Many women are unsure if they can or should work out during pregnancy and have no idea what is safe. Remember that your body may tire more quickly, and that’s normal and okay when it comes to pregnancy fitness.”

Tips for a Happy, Stress Free Pregnancy by Katie P.

The changes that come with growing another human inside you can sometimes have negative impacts on how we view ourselves. Katie P. offers helpful tips on navigating the waters of a very emotional time.

“Pregnancy is certainly a blessing, but for some it can come with some added stresses. Finding ways to smile through the tough parts, emotionally and physically, can make a big difference in how mentally prepared you are when that baby does arrive.”

Planning a Pregnancy: Advice for Aspiring Moms from the Advanced Fertility Center

The journey to getting pregnant can sometimes be a difficult road. Here are some of our favorite tips for moms who’ve tried a few times to get pregnant.

“Leafy green vegetables are also a good source of folic acid and must be diet staples. Experts also recommend oranges, milk, salmon, chickpeas, and fortified cereals as crucial for women if they are trying to conceive.”

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