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Pregnancy is certainly a blessing, but for some it can come with some added stresses. Finding ways to smile through the tough parts, emotionally and physically, can make a big difference in how mentally prepared you are when that baby does arrive. Here a few ways to have a stress free pregnancy and cope with your changing body, as well as the mental adjustment period that comes with pregnancy.

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Stress Free Pregnancy Tips

Seek out resourcesYou should know what will help you and what will not help you during pregnancy. For this, you can read some books or listen to some interesting podcasts that can be helpful for a stress free pregnancy. Some of the podcasts are available for free.

Talk to others who have been through this stageThis person might not necessarily be an expert. That female can be your mother, sister, sister-in-law, best friend or just a friend. Talk to her about issues you are facing and get suggestions that might help you ease your worries and have a stress free pregnancy.

Be talkative, even when you are aloneYour growing baby is spending extra months with you, in you. During your pregnancy, you are teaching your child. So, even if you are alone, talk because your baby is listening to you. This is more like a mental
conversation with the baby. So, do it and enjoy some time even when you are alone.

Also, the baby is adopting your nature slowly and steadily. So, be kind and peaceful. It will help your baby follow your practice.


Do things you like (and you are allowed to)


This is a self-explanatory statement. Don’t you think so?




Being tired during pregnancy is the most common symptom. So, relax when you can. For relaxation, you should not just sleep, but do things that help you relax. You can even listen to soothing music.


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Join a pregnancy group

If you are frequent to park walks, you might notice other pregnant females walking around too. Communicate with them and make friends with them.

Facebook even allows you to create a private group. If you know a couple of females who are pregnant, you can create a group and have great meaningful conversations amongst yourselves.


Understand this phase


No one can tell you about it in just a few words. So, buy a book about pregnancy from Sears.com and read it carefully. If needed, use coupons for Sears.com and get unbelievable discounts on your purchases.


 Pregnancy is a blessing, so try to enjoy it thoroughly.


What else should one do while they are pregnant to be happy?
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