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There comes a point when our parents get older that they will rely on us for a lot more in their lives. They have done so much for us, and now it is our turn to do so much for them. When our parents get to the point that they are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, age-related cognitive decline, or physical issues, it is about providing the right variety of support. It is crucial for us to understand what we need to give them. What do we need to consider?

What Can We Realistically Help Them With?

While most of us would move heaven and earth to care for our parents ourselves, this ideal is often impossible to actually do. Getting help can really make a difference in the quality of care our parents receive, whether it is a non-medical companion to help them around the house, in-home nursing or eventually an assisted living or nursing home facility. Understand your true limitations and then build a plan from there. 

In cases where you feel your parents are being taken advantage of — from scam phone calls to situations requiring a nursing home abuse attorney — it is important to understand your own legal rights. Asking for medical authorization and power of attorney before it is too late for your parents to grant either is vital. 

Think Beyond the Basic Needs

Survival is the baseline for keeping parents healthy — they must also be  in environments to thrive. There are many options these days, such as retirement communities that offer all sorts of exercise, socialization and other amenities. Think about giving them purpose, social connectedness, and, above all else, dignity.

Managing Your Stress

Doing everything to give your aging parents what they need is essential, but you also need to make sure that you don’t become overwhelmed in the process. It’s vital that you don’t jeopardize your own health in the process because this can impact your ability, not just to care for your parents,

but to connect with them. There is nothing worse than having a strained relationship with your parent towards the end of their life and it can feel like you’re on borrowed time. You may even feel resentful in some ways because you’ve given so much. Get the help and time you need to keep your own physical and mental health optimal.

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