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Easter is almost here! So get ready to decorate some eggs and get in the spirit. Take a look at our best traditions and tips to make your Easter holiday more enjoyable.

Need some simple crafts for Easter? We have some ideas for you! Whether you want to make carrot footprints (who isn’t a sucker for that type of keepsake?) or a bunny mask, take a look at these simple and fun ideas.


Who doesn’t look forward to dessert at every holiday meal? This bunny cake is not only cute, but it’s not hard to make (all you need for baking is two round cake pans). Your kids will love decorating it and of course, it tastes good too!


Want to know how to save money this Easter? It’s not too tough! Find free egg hunts, reuse plastic eggs from year to year and consider taking your own Easter pictures too.


It’s time to put together some Easter baskets! Looking for some (mostly) candy-free Easter basket ideas? Aren’t we all!? Think outside of the box and consider things like stickers and books.


Are you a tree hugger? If you’re not sure what to do with all of those plastic eggs, you’re not alone! It’s good to do what you can to reduce your family’s carbon footprint and have an Earth-friendly Easter.



The holidays are the best when you have fun family traditions to look forward to each year. From coloring eggs to talking about the reason for the season, there are countless fun and simple Easter family traditions the entire family will love.


From the Easter bunny to decorating eggs, Easter is a special time of the year that’s full of activities geared towards kids and family fun. We hope you have a great Easter and celebrate the holiday with your loved ones!

What are your favorite Easter family traditions?

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