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I am sure everyone has memories of things their parents made or did during holidays. Easter and April is a special month for me. I love the spring, the feeling of new color blooming outside, and warm air. As a child I loved having family over, eating an easter bunny cake and chasing down Easter eggs to put in my basket, then counting all the coins I got for my loot.

In fact I love Easter so much I waited to go to the hospital while semi in labor until after my Easter was over with my family. Ha! April is also full of birthdays in my family. My dad and I always had birthdays within 10 days of each other and then when we added a sister in law who shared the birthday month. Now my son has an April birthday. It just seems like a good month to celebrate!


My dad, sister-in-law, and I celebrating our birthdays with our Bunny Cake.

One of my favorite things about the month is making our annual Easter bunny cake. I grew up making this cake and now my kids love making it. It’s very simple and it is fun to be creative.

Our Easter Bunny Cake

Directions for making a Bunny Cake!

The directions are simple:

  • You just use two round cake pans which consist of one box mix (following directions on the box and baking according to directions on the box for two round cakes).
  • You will cut one round cake to make ears and a bowtie (see picture below), the other round cake will be the face.
  • You only need one container of frosting (white) but you can add any food color to make it whatever color you want! I like to use a different color for the bowtie.
  • You can garnish with candy to make a face and decorate the bowtie. I use Twizzlers for whiskers and whatever I have laying around for eyes, nose, mouth, and buttons. Some examples are M & M’s, Life Savers, Skittles, Mints, etc.  My kids also like to add coconut to the ears and collar to add texture like a bunny.

The Easter bunny cake is fun to decorate and let the kids use their creativity. And then its fun to eat!


The completed project with my sister-in-law Jennifer 10 years ago!

I hope you enjoy making memories with your family like I did with mine! Easter is such a fun time to make all sorts of crafts. Our Pinterest page has several spring and Easter crafts and traditions. Hopefully you can make this Bunny cake with your family and have fun like we do!

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