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Looking for some new recipes to add to your family’s dessert menu?

Check out these 6 desserts and get ready to start mixing and baking!

Funfetti Cake Dip

Do you enjoy Pillsbury Funfetti cake? Combine the cake mix with Cool Whip and a couple other ingredients and you will have this light and delicious Funfetti Cake Dip that’s perfect for any day of the week. Serve with some animal crackers or graham crackers and enjoy!

Berry Bars

Blueberry muffin mix (with REAL blueberries), oats, brown sugar and strawberry preserves combine to make these heavenly blueberry bars. They’re easy to make and delicious – who doesn’t love the perfect combo of blueberries and strawberries? The berry bars recipe is one you need to try ASAP! They’re good in the morning with coffee too.

S’mores Pie

All kids love S’mores… and this S’mores Pie is just as delicious! Try this recipe if you want something sweet and love the taste of graham crackers, chocolate and Marshmallow Creme. No bonfire necessary.


White Chocolate Raspberry Muffins

White chocolate and raspberries!? Yes, please! These white chocolate raspberry muffins are delicious, but if you don’t want raspberries, you can easily substitute them for a different fruit. It’s not too often you can eat muffins AND get some of your daily intake of fruit at the same time. Enjoy!


Monster Bars

This monster bar recipe features M&M’s, chocolate chips, oats and peanut butter. Is your mouth watering yet? These are perfect for dessert at home or a get together with friends – you can thank us later!

Texas Chocolate Cake

Straight out of Grandma’s kitchen, this Texas chocolate cake is made with cocoa and topped with homemade, fudge-like icing made with more cocoa and powdered sugar. (Photo credit:

No matter what type of dessert you’re craving, we know you’ll enjoy these irresistible desserts!

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