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With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, you are probably trying to find foods to make for Thanksgiving and festive crafts to help get your kids in the spirit. I like using the website hellokids.com for crafts and Thanksgiving printables. I printed off a craft you can find here to make a Thanksgiving turkey door hanger. All you need is paper, childproof scissors, glue and crayons (if you want to color the turkey).

Showing off the finished turkey.

Directions: Print out templates. Cut out all pieces of turkey. Use glue to secure cut-out feathers to their matching tabs on the turkey body. Glue legs to the back of the turkey body. Secure Happy Thanksgiving banner to turkey. Hang on a door, wall, or the refrigerator for a cute Thanksgiving decoration.


Coloring her turkey.

Thanksgiving Printables

Another simple and fun Thanksgiving activity is coloring a turkey page. You can find the Thanksgiving printables we printed here.  Let your children color the turkey and discuss with your kids what Thanksgiving means. Have them tell you all of the things that they are thankful for. Write these things on the turkey’s feathers and hang it up on the refrigerator.

These crafts and Thanksgiving printables are easy to do and your toddlers and preschool age children will love them!

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