Fall is by far my favorite season. I love that we live in a region that we get 4 seasons (although, we have had snow on Halloween).I’ll take cool, sunny days that are perfect for wearing a sweater. Here is my ultimate favorite list for autumn time:

Thing I love During Autumn Time

– 2 words: Pumpkin Spice. Seriously, one of my favorite smells of fall. I have a wax warmer and always have pumpkin spice bars in there burning all day long. I know many others, especially my husband, get excited for Starbucks Pumpkin Spice lattes.


Photo by me 🙂

– I love the cool weather in October/November. It’s not cold enough to have to get bundled up, but enough to put a comfy sweater or hoodie on. I also love to curl up on the couch in the evening with my family with a soft blanket and watch movies.

-Halloween. This is my husbands favorite holiday. Personally, mine is Christmas, but we get into the Halloween spirit pretty elaborately around here. My house looks like a haunted house, but not so scary as to scare the girls. Plus all the fun of getting dressed in costumes, going Trick or Treating with our family, and going to the Halloween parties at school.

-Pumpkin patches. This is a family tradition with my side of the family. My dad, his fiance, my brother, niece, and my family all head out to a local farm. We ride the hayride up to the patch, pick out pumpkins, and enjoy the other festivities at the farm.

-Fall foods. My favorite recipe to make is chili. When I was growing up, my mother would make chili every Halloween. So I kept the tradition going. I make chili quite a few times during the fall. It’s great for the cool weather and perfect for leftovers!

-Great napping weather! Taking a short, afternoon nap with the girls is the best. Throw open the window, grab a blanket, and take a quick snooze!

-Foliage. It’s amazing here. We’ve got a lot of mountains and lots of trees. It’s so pretty to take an afternoon drive through the country and see all the leaves changing.

I love fall! Unfortunately in Pittsburgh, our fall season is very short and sweet. September is usually still in the 80’s or upper 70’s most days. Most of October is fabulous, although we have had 8 inches of snow or 90’s on Halloween. By the middle of November, our fall is over. We usually have had our first frost/snow by that time. I enjoy every day of the season before it’s over!

What do you love most about autumn time?

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