A few months ago, a friend from my old job posted about a new service that she joined called Stitch Fix. The company is one of new many monthly services that have popped up recently; you’ve probably seen them all over Facebook. Stitch Fix is a clothing service. You log onto their site and fill out a pretty extensive style profile, telling them what you like/don’t like, your sizes, what cuts you prefer, and more. The site even asks if you are a mom!

My Opinion of Stitch Fix

Then you can order your “fix.” You can choose to have them auto-delivered monthly, or schedule one whenever you prefer.  A stylist will go through your profile to get a feel for your style. You are also able to specify what you would like your stylist to focus on in your fix. I asked for tops, because I’m all set for pants/shorts. They then hand-select 5 items that they think you would like. They ship everything to you in a medium-size box. Once you get your box and open it, it’s a little like Christmas.  My box came with 4 shirts and a necklace. Each item that is shipped comes with a small tag attached, offering 2 suggestions as to what to pair that item with. I got a red top, and they suggested pairing it with a floral skirt and heels or black skinny jeans and flats. You can try on the items with other things that you already own, to get a feel for how they would fit into your wardrobe.
The box also comes packed with a pre-labeled USPS bag. You use this bag to ship back any items that you don’t want to keep. You must do this within 3 business days of receiving your shipment. It’s free to sign up for the site and fill out the profile. From there, each Fix you order has a base price of $20. They charge your card when they ship the box. If you decide not to keep anything, they keep your $20 (to cover the shipping costs, I assume). If you do keep one or more items, the $20 is applied as a credit towards whatever you buy. You select a price range when you sign up. My items ranged from $38-$68. If you do decide to keep everything in the box, you get 25 percent off of the total. If I had kept everything in my box, the total would have been $200.  I would still consider Stitch Fix a bit of a splurge, but if you are looking to do something fun for yourself, Stitch Fix is a great choice. I think it’s a really fun idea for moms who may not have time to run out (kid-free) and shop for themselves. By using Stitch Fix, you can try on new clothes in the comfort of your own home (preferably during nap time!) and take your time deciding on what you like.
When my next Fix arrives (late June!) I’ll photograph all of the options and do a complete review. For now, this is the top that I kept:
I am not affiliated with Stitch Fix in any way. I just think it’s a cool service and I liked what I got, so I thought I would share. The service is currently referral based and still in Beta mode, so there is sometimes a bit of a wait to join. If you would like to join, this is my referral link . I do get credit through the site for referring people. If you sign up, you can do the same with your family and friends.

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