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So as I am sure I have mentioned before, I am a WOHM (work outside the home mom). My husband Les also works full time. We are…busy. To say the least.


My son ate squash… It was a good day!

I also blog for Mumbling Mommy and my own blog, and my husband coaches and plays in an 18+ baseball league. We also have a house and a yard (sometimes I want to give those back…).

I was inspired by Heather C.’s post about a day in her life and decided I’d take notes on a day in mine.

So here it is:

So if we are going for a complete picture, I have to include my first wake up, at 1:45 am.

Here goes.

1:45am I hear my husband and son talking. My husband was up playing video games when Jack called (rather pitifully, apparently). Turns out Jacks nose was absolutely gushing blood. He calls for my help. We get the nosebleed stopped and the kid back to sleep.

2:15am Finally head back to bed.

7:15am My alarm goes off. I hit snooze twice.

7:30am Pry myself out of bed. Brush teeth, straighten hair, get dressed. Cut up a pear and grab a granola bar. Kiss Jack “goodbye” (since I went into work an hour earlier than usual, Les keeps jack and will take him to daycare). Head to work.

8:10am Park, head to my desk, then walk quickly across campus to new student registration, which my team is helping with.

8:22am Get a text from my manager, who is currently without a car, asking if I mind picking her up. Walk back across campus, go pick her up.

8:40am Arrive back at registration. Show several people their positions for registration.

9:30am Head back to my desk with my manager. Spend the next 3 hours putting together training packets.

12:30pm Get started on some of my actual work.

1:15pm  Realize that I have not eaten and we have an interview with a potential employee at
2pm. Run to on-campus deli to get food. Come back to my desk to find that our interview is actually at 1:30pm. Scarf my lunch as fast as possible.

1:35pm Interview. We really like the candidate!

2:15pm Back to my desk to prepare for 3pm meeting. Quick pause while my husband brings me a boba tea. Yum!

3:20pm Meeting starts, everyone was on the phone or busy so it got pushed back.

3:50pm Back to my desk. Finish up what little of my own work I was able to get to. Meet with tour manager about training new tour guides. Chat with social media manager about Facebook issue.

4:30pm Leave work. Pick Jack up from daycare. He doesn’t want to leave. Color with him for 5 minutes before prying him away.

5:15pm Home. Change into comfy clothes. Plop down on the couch only to remember that I haven’t paid bills for the week yet.

5:30pm Pay many bills. Relax and watch “Fireman Sam” on Netflix with Jack. He asks me repeatedly for juice but I have a hard time finding the energy to get up.

6pm Finally get up and start dinner. Homemade meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and sauteed squash. Entertain kid all the while.

7pm Rejoice because Jack actually eats dinner! It turned out pretty good. Eat my own dinner. Unload and re-load the dishwasher and pack up the leftovers.

7:30pm Let Jack watch TV for 15 minutes before bed.

8pm Kid bedtime! Read umpteen stories. Retrieve water. Many hugs and kisses!

8:15pm Crack open one of the BudLight Limes that has been teasing me from the fridge. Contemplate making myself one of these:


A Chocolate Nutella {2-Minute} Mug Cake

Watch “The Voice.”

10pm Bedtime! I’m honestly so exhausted I have a hard time making it from the couch to the bed. I wonder if tonight will hold any nosebleed fun?

*just in case anyone is wondering where my husband is in all this fun, he works a 3rd shift. Before he went to work today, he loaded and ran the dishwasher, got Jack ready and took him to daycare, did a load of laundry, returned some stuff to Lowes, and brought me that  boba tea. *

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