Mumbling Mommy

By Heather C.

The highlights of my day

With all the good weather lately, my husband Jeremy and I
have been taking our three girls on walks around the neighborhood. We put
Natalie and Sophia, our 3-month-old twins, in the big stroller for Jeremy to
push and Lillian, our 2 year old in a small umbrella stroller for me to push.
We come across plenty of others out for walk themselves. They walk past us and
smile sweetly, sometimes saying pleasant “hello”s.

After 4 or 5 crossings, I ask
Jeremy, “What do you suppose they are thinking when they see us with three
small children?” And his reply is likely the same thing I would think if I saw
someone else in this situation, “I’m glad it’s not me!”

Except, it is me, and
well, it’s not that bad. The conversation had us laughing and gave me inspiration
for this post. So without further explanation, I bring you play-by-play of my day — a mom of twins.

3:00 a.m. Wake up to the sound of a baby crying. Hmm, I
wonder which one it is? Oh well, at least they slept SEVEN hours last night.
That’s some form of miracle. Although I didn’t get to bed until a bit after
10:00 p.m, and Lillian woke up from a nightmare just before midnight. (We’re on
day 5 now after taking away her paci. Why’d we do that again? Oh, that’s right
because three year olds shouldn’t have pacifiers…) I make bottles, pick up said
crying baby. It was Natalie… I think? I get her diaper changed, nurse her for
10 minutes or so, then top her off with an ounce and a half of formula by
bottle. I do the same for Sophia. 45 minutes later, I’m finally back in bed.

5:30 a.m. My husband’s alarm goes off for work. I hear it
and groan. I roll over and attempt to go back to sleep.

5:45 a.m. The sound of my husband hacking up a lung in the
shower wakes up Lillian (he’s been dealing with a cold, possibly turned sinus
infection). I comfort her in spite of her tantrum saying she wants Daddy and
back to bed I go.

6:30 a.m. Ugh, is that a baby crying again? I nurse both
girls not even bothering to remove their swaddles. Skipping diaper changes, I
tuck them both back into their bouncers and try to sneak out of the room.

7:15 a.m. Why am I still awake? I start reading a little
“Breaking Dawn” on my iPhone and try to tire myself out. It’s not working so I
text my husband to see how he’s feeling. We chat for awhile, determine that
he’s probably sick enough to see a doctor and talk about his calendar for the

7:45 a.m. Lillian wakes up again. She doesn’t fall back
asleep this time. We joke around in bed for a few minutes before she determines
that we need to get up.

7:55 a.m. Breakfast is served. Today’s masterpiece includes
fig Newton’s and peanut butter and jelly for Lillian; oatmeal and a Momma’s Milk Cookie for me.

8:05 a.m. The moment I sit down with a hot bowl of oatmeal
in front of me? Yes, you guessed it, someone is fussing. I ignore it as it’s
not a full cry and it’s not time for them to eat yet. It’s been four days since
I’ve actually eaten my oatmeal while it was still hot. We’re not making it

8:20 a.m. As I finish my last sip of apple juice, I hear the
fussing of the twins again. This time I know it’s real. I wash out the bottles
and prepare more formula. I wash out my pump parts and bag up more breast milk
from yesterday to store in the freezer.

8:30 a.m. Diaper changes x 2; Outfit changes x 2; Diaper-wipe-bath x 2.

8:40 a.m. I start nursing whoever was crying first; Sophia
this time. We play survival of the fittest at my house. Whoever is hungry first
eats first. Baby #2 eats at the same time, even if we have to wake her (which
doesn’t happen all that often…) After nursing both girls, giving both bottles,
and getting all the burps out, it’s time to take care of Lillian. She’s dirtied
her diaper. I know this because 1. I can smell it. And 2. She’s been whining
the entire time I was nursing her sisters. It’s almost 9:20 a.m. already so I
get her cleaned up, give her some options for outfits and spend the next 15
minutes getting her dressed. She wanted to do it all by herself.

9:50 a.m. After trusting Lillian to watch the twins for 30
seconds while I ran downstairs to switch laundry, I hook up to my Medela Double
Electric Pump and listen to the obnoxious whirring and sucking sound for 10
minutes. I finish, store the milk and wash the parts. Since it’s likely I won’t
get a shower for several more hours, I throw on some deodorant, put in my
contacts, do a quick scrub on my teeth and pop some pills for the massive
headache and allergies I’m suffering from.

10:15 a.m. “Lilo and Stitch” is playing for Lillian. Both
twins are sleeping peacefully in their bouncer and finally a minute to rest. I
get my laptop out, start working on my latest blog idea (my favorite stress
reliever), put my feet up and… the phone rings.

11:30 a.m. I’m FINALLY off the phone. It was the pharmacy
for the twins’ RSV antibody shots. They needed to go over my insurance
benefits, out of pocket costs, etc. etc. I know the drill. I’ve done these 3
months already. Each phone call is identical to the one prior and it takes a
full flipping hour for them to tell me the exact same thing they told me just a
few weeks before. My patience is almost gone by the time I hang up the phone.
The twins have started stirring and Lily isn’t interested in the movie anymore;
so much for my peaceful moment.

11:45 a.m. Lunch is made for Lil and I. Turkey sandwiches,
cheese and crackers, apple slices (and another Momma’s Milk Cookie for me). I
scarf down my food as it’s already time to do another round of diapers and

12:30 p.m. Everyone is fed. Lillian settles in for another
movie. (Thank God for the library to help us with variety. Today’s choice is “Gnomeo
and Juliet.”) Natalie and Sophia get settled into their swings and wait for it?
Peace and quiet again? Hardly.

12:45 p.m. I’m pumping so of course unavailable and everyone
starts crying at once. They’ll just have to wait. I need to get my supply up
and I need to freeze as much as I can for that dreaded day when these girls dry
me up. I finish, insert paci’s and again attempt to sit down. I gulp down some
water, cuddle and swaddle the girls at different times, tend to a small boo-boo
from Lil running her leg into something, assumedly from tripping over one of
the 10,000 toys strewn across our living room.

1:30 p.m. Dare I attempt nap time for Lillian? Going
paci-free is basically hell. My perfect sleeper now throws pure straight, demon
like tantrums just at the mention of napping. I’m almost tempted to skip it
completely but I have faith that she’ll get used to this process and eventually
actually sleep during nap time again.

2:00 p.m. Lillian is still not asleep. I start making
threats, “Go to sleep now or I will take away Baby Sarah… your Rapunzel pillow…
your books…” Finally after 30 minutes of this (and me actually taking things
away!) it’s quiet…

2:45 p.m. After reading a few more pages of “Breaking Dawn”
I determine it’s safe to shut my eyes, even if just for a moment.

3:00 p.m. Natalie wakes up ready for her next feeding. I
make bottles while she screams in the background. I’ll skip the diaper change
for now. I don’t want to chance waking Lillian up. Sophia feeds shortly after.

3:30 p.m. Lillian is startled awake. Ugh! I go comfort her
as she begs for Daddy. Sorry kiddo, he’s not home! I get her back to sleep just
in time to deal with some fussy babies.

4:00 p.m. The thunder starts. Really? A thunderstorm. Sure,
why not? I needed another reason for my kids to not sleep.

4:15 p.m. My husband makes it in the door after work and his
doctor’s appointment. He has a double ear infection that’s causing tension and
migraines. He’s armed with an antibiotic and a muscle relaxer, plus an inhaler
because his asthma combined with the early Spring seems to be keeping him sick.
I might let him off the hook as actually being sick this time but really, I’m
just glad he’s not contagious.

4:20 p.m. Oh crap, I didn’t take anything out for dinner…
Lillian is now awake again. The twins are fighting sleep. We all pile on the
couch, sort of laughing, sort of talking, sort of taking turns pretending to

5:00 p.m. We pull together a dinner of leftovers. Lil eats
yogurt, applesauce, PBJ, tortilla chips, and bran flakes. I eat leftover pulled
chicken and potato, bran flakes, and a handful of tortilla chips. Jeremy has
leftover Subway and tortilla chips. Like I said, we pulled it all together. It
wasn’t our finest meal. Miraculously, Sophia slept through dinner. Natalie
stayed calm as long as her bouncer kept bouncing.

5:40 p.m. Jeremy takes Lil to the pharmacy with him to pick
up his medicines. I make bottles for the girls. Diapers x 2; meds x 2; nursing
x 2; burping x 2; bottles x 2. I suppose I’ll just shower in the morning. With
Jeremy not feeling well, it wouldn’t be fair for me to expect him to take care
of the three crazies. I’d shower after we get everyone in bed but in our old
house, the pipes are loud and I surely won’t be taking any chances.

6:30 p.m. I hook up to pump once again. Jeremy and Lillian
arrive back home shortly after.

6:45 p.m. Jeremy starts bath time for Lily. I love hearing
giggles coming from the tub. Meanwhile, Natalie falls asleep sprawled out
across my chest and Sophia cuddles a blanket in her arm on my lap. The day has
been full but I want to remember this moment. All the sudden, my little 4 lb
miracles look too big in my arms. They used to be as long as I am wide and they
feel almost twice that now. I cherish the small moments of silence. I never
want to forget the smell of their sweet baby skin, the sound of their little
raspy breaths, or the overwhelming sense of love I feel in my heart right at
that very second.

7:10 p.m. Just as I’m thinking my heart cannot get any
fuller, my adorable red head runs into the living room for goodnight hugs and
kisses. 20 minutes and four bedtime stories later, Jeremy returns from bedtime
duty, makes bottles and we head to the nursery to get them to bed.

8:15 p.m. Success! All three girls are not only in bed, but
it’s quiet. It’s not time for me to rest though. I have a milk blister starting
to form (my third or fourth, I lost count) so I make an Epsom salt bath to
soak my breasts in for a few minutes. I pump and then check my phone to return
calls. I have some texts from friends that I respond to and we chat casually;
some from my mom as well and we make some plans; and a missed call from my
boss. Our schedules are opposites since my semi-return to work and he needs to
go over my annual review. I guess now is as good a time as any.

9:00 p.m. All my calls and texts are returned. My feet are
up. I enjoy the leftovers of my ice cream concrete from the night before and
pull out my laptop. I consider doing some crochet work (I’m making Easter
baskets for my girls) but it’s too hot to have a lap full of yarn. We have
Grey’s Anatomy playing in the background. I type away as I work on balancing
the checkbook, pay the bills, fill out some paperwork for medical payments,

10:00 p.m. Off to bed I go. I take my vitamins, remove my
contacts, use the bathroom, clean up, etc. Finally, 20 minutes later, my head
hits the pillow. I chat with my husband until I’m so tired I’m just mumbling
and asleep I am; at least for a few hours.

When I first began
writing this, I never imagined it would end up so long. I’ve edited it twice
but I simply couldn’t find more details to take out. I wanted to paint the
picture exactly as my day was. This isn’t just a sample day, it was literally
the times and events of my actual day. I remember meeting a mom of triplets
early in our new life as parents of twins and all I could think about was how
glad I was that I only had two. Irony, right? So for all of you having a rough
day, read this and think about how glad you are that you only have one. It’s
okay. I’d be doing it too.

By the way, if you
were thinking this seemed slightly less chaotic than you imagined it would be,
you’re right. This was actually a good day!

You can contact Heather C. by emailing her at

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