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The holiday shopping season is in full swing and if you are like me, you are adding new people to your list everyday. In the bustle of the season, I have not taken a whole lot of time to think about what I would like under my Christmas tree this year. My standard response to the question of what I want this year is “I don’t need anything,” which is true but not very helpful to the people that plan to get me a gift no matter what I say.

So if you would like to let your mom you appreciate her, here a few suggestions of what to get her. To my family and friends, you’re welcome. And thank you, too.

1. A gift card for clothing. Moms are notorious for heading out to buy something for their wardrobe and ending up with something “cute” for their husbands or kids instead. Find a specific store that only carries women’s clothing or at least demand that the mom on your list use the gift card ONLY for herself. My store this year is Motherhood Maternity. What’s yours?

Kindle Fire, via amazon.com

2. Something “techie.” Men usually get the best deal during the holiday season on anything gadgety. Even  children are into the craze (and that’s okay, technology is good for kids!).  Here’s some news for you though: Moms like technology too. What’s more, we often do not take the initiative to purchase anything that is just plain “cool.” Look into iPods, tablets and the especially hot Kindle Fire. Feeling hip with the newest tech toy takes a bit of the edge off splitting up toddler fights and changing diapers.

3.  Some time off. It’s an oldie but a goodie — give the mom in your life a day all to herself. If she enjoys the spa, send her there with a gift card. If she would just like some peace and quiet in her own home, offer to take the kids out for a few hours. If the mom in your life is not your own mom or your wife, offer to babysit so she can put her feet up for awhile. Remind her that she can’t use the time to do laundry or pay bills online and maybe even put a good book in her hand before bidding adieu.  She needs to take the time to enjoy her guilty pleasures.

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