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Family vacations, road trips, or even just driving to grandma and grandpas are exciting times for the family, especially for your kids who get to experience a little adventure in between school and homework. But as with many things in life, you need to ensure your kids stay safe whenever you are in the car. Anyone with kids knows it’s not as simple as asking them to behave, either, so here are four ways you can keep everyone safe on long car journeys.

Take Your Time

All parents have been in that situation where they realize they’re running late. The immediate response is that they will need to drive a little faster to get to the destination. You shouldn’t need telling why this is a bad idea, but it’s worth knowing. Even going 5 km/h over the limit will only win you around 15 seconds, which is nothing in the grand scheme. Furthermore, the more reckless you drive, the greater the risk of accidents, and even if you know car accident lawyers who can be relied on, it is never worth it, especially with your kids in the car.

Fit Car Seats and Seatbelts 

It should go without saying that seatbelts and car seats are essential when traveling with young children, but you might be in such a rush that you forget to fit these properly. This is dangerous regardless, but if you need to stop suddenly, there’s a risk that your kids could get hurt if they are not adequately secured in the car. You don’t want any injuries before you arrive, so take a few extra minutes to make sure everything is in place.

Use the Child Locks

We all know that kids love to fiddle with anything they can get their hands on, and when you’re driving down the highway, the last thing you want is for them to open the door. Child locks are there for a reason, so make the most of what they can offer so your kids don’t accidentally open the door. You can do the same with windows, too, so that they keep their hands inside the vehicle at all times.

Give Kids a Distraction

If you’re taking a long journey, your kids will get restless, and as they may not be able to get comfortable enough to sleep, you’ll need to find something to distract them, so they don’t distract you while you’re focusing on the road. Bring a tablet with their favorite TV shows and movies downloaded to keep them occupied, or give them something they can play with, such as a portable console or phone. You might want to give them earphones too, so the noise doesn’t distract you from the road, and you can hear the directions from your GPS.

Road Safety First

Even if you are a confident driver, you never know how other drivers will act when you are on the road. With kids in the car, their safety becomes paramount, so ensure you continue to adhere to the traffic laws and take extra precautions to make sure you get to your destination healthy and happy.

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