Meet Katie

Katie is the creator of Mumbling Mommy. She started the blog as an outlet to write about her daughters and stepchildren. As more readers began to interact with the posts, Katie decided the site should be open to Moms from all backgrounds and life situations who want to share their experiences with the online community. Katie serves as the blog administrator and editor, coordinating posts and maintaining the blog’s social media presence. She is thankful to be learning from all of the wonderful Moms who have stepped up and made the decision to talk about their family life on Mumbling Mommy.

Katie is a writer, editor and researcher with background in the newspaper and publishing industries. She works from her home office on the sunny east coast of Florida and likes to run, read and go to fitness classes in her limited spare time. Katie is working on a memoir that covers the period of time when she was a pregnant single mom. On Mondays, you can read pieces from the memoir on Mumbling Mommy, or check it out here.She also owns a freelance writing business that specializes in online content.

Katie’s four kids are Ferris, Emilia, London and Erinn. She also has a handsome husband named Brant and enjoys dog sitting for her in-laws.

You can contact Katie by emailing

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