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If you have been told you are in need of hearing aids, then there will be a whole bank of questions in your head that you’ll be looking to get answers for. It’s important that you get all of your questions answered by a hearing health professional. Your hearing aids are going to help to enhance what hearing you do have, not cure the hearing loss and it’s important to know that. You have to get your hearing aids working to the best of their ability and that means speaking to an audiologist and understanding all that you can about your hearing aids.

The good news is that there are some very simple but yet essential tasks that you can do at home to help to maintain the health of your hearing aids. For example you should ask your audiologist about summer heat and hearing aids, because if you’re not aware that your hearing aids need to be kept to a neutral temperature, you’re going to find them breaking too often and having to replace them through the winter or the summer months. So let’s take a look at some easy maintenance tips that you can use at home to ensure that your hearing aids stay healthy for longer.

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  1. Don’t handle your hearing aids without washing your hands. Hearing aids are technology in miniature, which means that they are going to be small enough to capture every single grain of dirt that comes from your fingers. Before and after you handle your hearing aids, you should make sure that your hands are washed and you have dried them thoroughly so that no moisture gets into the technology.
  2. Give your hearing aids a wipe before you go to sleep with a clean cloth. You should always give your hearing aid to wipe down and give the battery contact a clean. This will help to remove any dirt and ear wax that can build up during the day and it will ensure that you are putting on clean hearing aids every morning.
  3. Use the tools given to you. When you got your hearing aids, you should have been given a small cleaning care kit to help you to clean around the vent areas of the hearing aid.Use the smallest cleaning tool that came with the hearing aids. Clean around the vent every single day so that you can remove any debris.
  4. Replace the wax guards or filters. Some hearing aids come with a wax guard to help your ears to remain comfortable while you are wearing them. They should be replaced from time to time so that they stay in the best possible condition.
  5. When you’re not using your hearing aids, turn them off. Whether you take them off for sports, the shower, or at night time, turn them off so that you don’t drain the battery. The easiest way to do that is just to open the battery door, because then you can conserve the battery and save yourself some money on constant replacements.
  6. Keep them in a dry place. If you were given a drying box with your hearing aids, then use them. Alternatively, make sure that you invest in a small dehumidifier or fan so that when you are storing your hearing aids, you can withdraw any moisture that might be affecting them. Take the batteries out first though before you do this, because that way you can ensure the batteries also remain dry.
  7. Never wear your hearing aids when you swim. As we said, hearing aids should not be left to gather moisture or any droplets of water, so you definitely cannot jump into a swimming pool with hearing aids in your ears. You should also take them out before you have a shower or a bath so that you can ensure that they don’t get wet.
  8. Keep them in a safe place. When you take them out, make sure that they are kept out of the way of children or pets. These are expensive pieces of don’t want them to be ruined or have to pay out to replace them because while you’re insurance they have covered your first set it doesn’t mean they’re replacing every time they get broken. 

Your hearing aids are going to help support your hearing health. If you don’t ensure that you are looking after them, you will have to replace them out of your own pocket and that can get expensive.

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