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Florida has always been one of those places that people have flocked to. It has everything that you want and more: plenty of entertainment, delicious food, plenty of history and culture, and great people. 

And with all that in mind, what are the best things you can check out in Tampa?


If you like to mix food with history, the Columbia Restaurant is the place to go. Serving up delicious Spanish-Cuban food for 117 years makes the food extra special because the cuisine served on the plate is made from traditional family recipes. Here are some of the goodies you can find on the menu for lunch: delicious bowls of gazpacho, caldo gallego, or Spanish bean soup. 

For dinner check out the empanadas de picadillo or the Ybor City Devil crab croquettes. 

Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens is one of those places where you might not be able to imagine how big it truly is. The gardens play host to a waterpark, a zoo, many roller-coasters, and a brilliant safari experience. The ticket price is either $74 or $100 (the safari is $30/$40), and for that, you get access to everything the park has to offer. 

As well as plenty of activities – you can enjoy some refreshments and a snack too. The guided tour is a must because you will get all the information you need on the endangered species, hand-feed the giraffes, and see the beautiful rhinos too. 

ZooTampa at Lowry Park

There is nothing as wonderful as spending your days looking at animals. ZooTampa at Lowry Park houses over 1300 animals and attracts many visitors because it has one of the world’s most stunning tropical zoological places. 

Admission is $245 for a family, or $35.95 for children, and $45.95 for 12 years and older. But, with that price, you can currently visit for the rest of the year at any time in 2023, and you can enjoy their seasonal events, too. 

They have a big focus on conservation and have great education for all the family. 

Manatee Viewing Center

More animals? Well, nothing is so wonderfully relaxing as watching the beautifully peaceful sea cows floating around. Manatees have been increasingly in decline; however, they made a base in the power station’s warm waters in the 1980s, and since then, it has been turned into a sanctuary. 

Tampa Museum of Art

The Tampa Museum of Art sits along the riverfront and is one of the most accessible places to get to by foot. It regularly has new works of art, modern and contemporary, plus a range of permanent art. The innovative museum has stunning installations, video, and mixed media. 

Tickets are $25 for adults, children under six are free, and they offer a range of reduced-price tickets for other things. 

Tampa is great for families; they have plenty of activities, and if all of that isn’t enough, then Glazer Children’s Museum. But first, you have to get there – with the kids in tow!

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