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Moving house can feel overwhelming for kids and they might find it a bit upsetting. There is a lot of upheaval involved and they might not want anything to change. No matter the reason you are moving, whether it be for work, to go to a bigger and better property, or to be nearer to family, it helps to get your little ones on board. If you are wondering how best to prepare your little ones for an impending move, we have put together some top tips to help you explain it to them and hopefully turn their minds around. 

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Take them to view the house and new area

The first thing you need to do when you find your new home and have had the offer accepted, is to take your kids to go and look at it. You can give them a tour and have them pick out their bedroom, explaining all the things you want to do to the house. You can then take them on a tour of the area, finding things such as where the nearest park is, what sort of restaurants are nearby and what activities there are to do. By going for a walk and familiarising themselves it can make the household moving process a lot less daunting.

Have them get involved in the packing process

Getting your children involved in the packing process is another great step to make them excited and feel like they are part of it. While you might not want them packing up things like expensive ornaments or china, you can show them a good method to pack up their bedroom. They will like to be involved and it can make them feel important and as though their input is important. The responsibility is good for helping them to adjust.

Make them excited about their new room

If your child is still reluctant to move, one thing you can get them excited about is their new room. Giving them something super positive to focus on can be a real help. Have them plan how they will have it laid out and encourage them to make a mood board. You can get them thinking about what sort of decorations they would like and offer them some extra money to buy accessories for their brand-new space. Have them pack up their old one and think of how different they will make their new bedroom, emphasizing how exciting it is for them.

These are just a few top tips to get your kids involved in a house move that should hopefully get them on board. Moving is a big life change but by showing your little ones how exciting it is and getting them involved, it is sure to be easier all around. What are some top tips you have for getting your kids involved and excited about moving house? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.

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