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Turning 40 is usually met with dread. It doesn’t have to be a doom and gloom birthday.

There are several really great things that come with turning 40. While my skin may not look quite as youthful as it used to, I can still find so many things about turning 40 to celebrate! Here are 4 things about turning 40 that are great!

You GET to turn 40.

I know too many people who have not had the privilege of getting to celebrate this milestone birthday. They passed away so young. This realization helps me to really appreciate life and feel thankful for each day I get to open my eyes and climb out of bed. After the challenges the last couple of years have brought us all, it makes me really grateful for the time on Earth I have had, and all of the good times I have experienced.

You reflect on what is truly important.

The past few years have helped me realize even more how thankful I am for family and good friends. You worry less about what others think of you. You learn to say no to people and commitments. By the time you turn 40, you start to do what you want and what works for you and your family; the only opinions that truly matter are your own. 

You start to do more of what matters.

Two things that have always been pushed aside are now taking priority! Self-care is one of them. I’ve prioritized exercising… nothing fancy, just taking walks on our treadmill or around our neighborhood is good enough for me, but there are countless self-care ideas for the busy mom. 

The other thing I love is traveling! It’s an expensive hobby, therefore we make it possible by (mostly) taking road trips instead of booking airfare, eating some meals in or sharing meals while we are on vacation, and cutting back in other areas of spending so we can make these trips happen financially. You can find ways to afford to travel if you really want to make it a priority. Ultimately, I would rather experience something with my family over buying lots of fancy things.

Family time at the Mississippi Aquarium
Enjoying family time at the Mississippi Aquarium.

You’ve learned…a LOT.

As you hit this milestone decade, you start to realize how well you know yourself. You know what you care about in life. You know what matters to you in relationships and you gain a sense of security in yourself. It’s a time when you realize how much you can cope with, when the going gets inevitably tough. In addition, you gain the ability to discard the things in life that are not important to you or worth your time, energy, and effort. 

If you feel anxious about hitting the big 4-0, remember to try to embrace a positive outlook. After all, isn’t 40 the new 30? You just may have a few more gray hairs than you did 10 years ago. 😉

What do you hope to be doing in your 40s? 

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