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Being diagnosed with a serious illness or health condition is devastating. Receiving the news that you have cancer, heart disease, or another severe illness may feel earth-shattering, and you might be unsure how to deal with the diagnosis. Being given a diagnosis of a serious illness can come as a shock, even if you have been ill for some time.

After receiving difficult news about your health, feeling sad, angry, confused, and anxious about your diagnosis is perfectly normal. You may be experiencing so many different emotions that you are unsure what you are even feeling at this stage. There is no doubt that being diagnosed with a severe health condition can leave you feeling overloaded with emotion and unsure about the right way to think or act. But while it may seem like everything in your life is out of your hands right now, it is possible to take back some control. Finding ways to cope with this new situation will make it more manageable to navigate your way through the coming months. Here are some tips to help you start processing a difficult diagnosis and aid you in finding a way forward through this news:

Ease the Pressure

Experiencing a wide range of emotions while coming to terms with your diagnosis can bring many additional feelings into the mix. Putting yourself under pressure to feel a certain way or ignoring your feelings is unlikely to help in the long term and could make you feel worse. Simply allowing your feelings to come and go, change and evolve, rather than fighting them, can help. Experiencing a range of emotions is normal as you start accepting the news. Giving yourself the space and time to experience your feelings in whatever form they take should help you avoid adding extra feelings of guilt or anxiety to the emotions you are already experiencing. 

Difficult news can take a long time to accept, and allowing yourself as much time as you need is vital. There is not a right or wrong amount of time that it takes to process the news, so taking things at your own pace without any added pressure is the best way to move forward.

Find the Best Doctor

Weighing up your treatment options and learning more about the medical help available to you can be a helpful way to focus on the facts of your illness. They say that knowledge is power, and while the internet may not be the best place to look for medical advice, it can be a helpful way to help you find the best doctor. Finding the right doctor for your condition is a great way to feel confident that you are getting the correct medical advice and treatment. Knowing that you are in safe hands and receiving the best care and latest treatments can provide some comfort as you start your treatment journey. Carrying out some research to find a doctor that specializes in your illness is a great place to start. Searching for the top experts that specialize in your condition, such as the leading doctors for triple negative breast cancer, will help you to find doctors from around the world to treat your condition. 

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Take Things One Day at a Time

Dealing with treatment, coming to terms with the changes to your physical health, and the range of practicalities that need to be sorted out can feel overwhelming. Trying to deal with everything at once while you are still trying to process the news of your diagnosis can feel like your life has been turned upside down. It is entirely normal to feel unsettled and overwhelmed in this situation. Instead of trying to do everything, concentrating on doing just one thing at a time can be a more helpful way to handle all the different demands on your time and energy. Conserving your energy is vital, so making sure that you channel it into the things that matter rather than taking on too much should help you to preserve it while still getting some of the things you need done.

Reach Out and Get Support

Asking for help can be challenging. Most people feel conditioned to avoid asking others for help and instead struggle through on their own. But now is the time to let go of those feelings and to reach out for help whenever you need it. There is never any shame in asking for assistance. Whether you need someone to drive you for hospital appointments or require some help with getting your grocery shopping, you can be sure that the people around will think nothing of lending a hand.

When a loved one receives a serious illness diagnosis, many people often feel hopeless and unsure how they can best support their needs without being insensitive or getting in the way. Asking your friends and family members for help provides them with the opportunity to feel like they are doing something practical to help and will be happy to lend their support whenever and wherever you need it. Asking others for help is never a weakness, and there are times in everyone’s life when they rely on other people more than usual. Accepting offers of help will enable you to save your energy for when you really need it and focus your energy on feeling better.

Keep Talking

Opening up to people you trust and talking about your diagnosis may seem difficult at first, but it can be a big help when coming to terms with your illness. Discussing your feelings can help you to feel less alone and reduce the loneliness and feelings of isolation that some people experience during times of serious illness. If you are not comfortable discussing your feelings with a family member or friend, scheduling sessions with a professional counselor can be a significant help. Having someone that you feel comfortable talking to about your emotions and your experience of illness is invaluable and will ensure you don’t face your health problems alone.

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