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It’s almost Christmas time and I could not be more pumped!! I just love this time of year so much, but the money spending and the quest to find practical presents (I hate giving people extra CLUTTER) makes me a little crazy. So this brings me to one of my biggest challenges: finding kid stocking stuffers my three children (because they are always so excited to see what Santa left them)!

Candy seems to be most people‚Äôs go-to to fill up those kid stockings, but I’m a party pooper and never want to go that route because we still have loads of it left from Halloween. Surely I’m not the only one that struggles with ideas for kid stocking stuffers, so I put together this solid list of several (non-candy) ideas for kids of all ages to help you find practical AND fun things your kids will love!

Oh and go ahead and let your family know about this list of stocking stuffer ideas for mom so you get some things you want in your stocking, too because you deserve it!

Fidgets for Stocking Stuffers
Fidgets make great stocking stuffers!

Kid Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Snacks like goldfish and fruit snacks (whatever treat your child loves)

Sidewalk Chalk


Hot wheels

Bath Toys


Fun Band-aids


Beanie Babies


Books (so you can snuggle and read to them while they still want to)

Perlor Beads

Coloring Books

Colored Pencils

Bath Bombs

Uno, Old Maid and other card games (we like Left, Center, Right)



Flip Flops

Play Doh

Glow Sticks



stocking stuffer ideas for Christmas
I found these spinbrush toothbrushes for $5 at Walmart!

Stocking Stuffers For Tweens and Teens

Electric toothbrush (so maybe they’ll like brushing their teeth!)



Hand Sanitizer

Baseball Cards

Hair Ties


Gel Pens

Mini Tissue Packet

Fidget Spinner/Pop its

Warm Hat/Gloves

Cool socks


Nail Polish

iTunes gift cards (and any gift card you think they would enjoy)





Flip Flops


Make up

Books (because reading is always good)

Christmas is just around the corner and there is so much to do! I am sure you have already looked into ideas of how to save money for Christmas and fun family Christmas traditions. I’m guessing your next search was for stocking stuffer ideas for your kids! I hope this helps because I know as a busy mom, you have tons to do. Happy shopping!

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