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We all know that having a baby is an expensive adventure. We know this before we even talk about having children and yet we are still shocked about the cost when it comes down to it.

What can make matters even worse is that you can be overcharged for a pregnancy and birth, and if that happens to you and you notice more than you should have been paying, then speak to an expert about ACA compliance. You deserve to ensure that you have the right figures and that you aren’t paying huge amounts of money where you shouldn’t be! Your insurance provider shouldn’t be overcharging you, either.

You can save money when you are having a baby, and some of the easiest ways to do it are listed below:

  1. Get to know your coverage. Are you using Obamacare or another provider? The insurance that you have will tell you whether your pre-pregnancy expenses are covered or not, and you need to know whether the insurance company will even cover the hospital in which you want to deliver. These are important questions, so ask these before you start trying for a baby.
  2. Compare rates. If you should decide to go ahead with private insurance, make sure that you do a call around to compare the rates. A good way to save some cash on insurance is simply to research what you need. Ask the questions that you need to ask, such as what it costs to have a baby and whether those costs include care pre and postnatally.
  3. Ask for a discount. It sounds like a risk to ask, doesn’t it? The thing is, you won’t know if there are any discounts to consider unless you ask for them! You want to know that you have at least asked for the discounts that they may have – even if they don’t have them. You don’t need to have the best possible insurance cover to get a discount, either, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
  4. Talk about payment plans. Some providers and hospitals will know that you won’t be able to cover the entirety of pregnancy and labor expenses – especially if your baby ends up in the NICU or needing other special care. You should ask about the possibility of payment plans in these instances. It’s vital that you ask as hospitals won’t have this advertised on the door.
  5. Don’t take on anything unnecessary. A good way to save money when you are having a baby is to avoid any of the additional tests and procedures. You don’t have to do every single test the doctor suggests as some of these suggestions will be habit based and not individual. If tests are offered to you, check that you need them before you get them!
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