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Let’s face it: most children, including teenagers, will often ask for video games, clothing, or even money for their birthdays. Such gifts might be what they want, but they aren’t long-lasting ones.

Check out the following items for giving memorable birthday gifts:

1. Wristwatch

A wristwatch is a valuable and practical present you could give to any child. They look stylish, have timeless looks, and they’ll work whenever a smartphone battery dies! What’s more, wristwatches are treasured items your children could hand down to their kids one day.

There’s plenty of choices when looking for a suitable wristwatch for your child. You could shop Jaeger-LeCoultre watches, for example, and find a plethora of options available to you. Be sure to select a wristwatch that is durable for obvious reasons!

2. Personalized Storybook

Does your child enjoy reading? If so, the thought will have crossed your mind about getting a selection of books for them to read. However, you could take that thought one step further and gift your child a personalized storybook.

Many online retailers offer personalized storybooks where someone (i.e., your child) is the protagonist in a story, such as a superhero that saves the day. You could undoubtedly personalize a storybook that fits around the book genres they enjoy reading.

3. Personalized Comic Book

If your child is crazy for comic books, a personalized storybook might not seem like the best unique gift idea. However, all is not lost because you can now get personalized comic books, again featuring your son or daughter as the lead character!

Personalized comic books are truly unique because even the story gets tailored to your request. It can be a brilliant birthday present if your child is celebrating a milestone birthday or has achieved something notable in their life.

4. Vintage Film Camera

Is your offspring unusual in that they have a love for all things retro? If so, and they enjoy photography, you may wish to consider buying them a vintage film camera. A cursory search on eBay, for example, will reveal many vintage 35mm film cameras for sale.

It could be the perfect present if you wish to foster your son or daughter’s love of photography and want to give them an immersive photography experience. Plus, it’s a film technology that doesn’t require batteries!

5. Retro Arcade Video Game Cabinet

Lastly, if your child is a massive fan of video games, you might consider getting them a retro arcade video game cabinet for their birthday! The market is full of used retro arcade video game cabinets, so you’ll have no difficulty finding one that your son or daughter will love.

Of course, you must make sure there’s enough space in their bedroom to have one as they do take up a bit of space!

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