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Craft time is the BEST time! It’s fun, educational and kids of ALL ages (including us parents) are able to participate! Kids love playing around with different materials to create something new. Here’s some of our year-round BEST crafts for the kiddos.

Valentine’s Day Craft: Heart Shaped Animals by Lori

Nothing says I love you quite like a heart-shaped paper craft – well, that is until they can actually say I love you. Then, BOTH things are great. Until then, we’ll take all the adorable paper animals we can get our hands on!

“To make an elephant, I cut out a heart for the face, a curved trunk, a small heart for the nostrils, and then two heart-shaped ears with smaller hearts in a different color to look like the inside of the ears. To finish the elephant, you can glue or tape it all together and draw on some eyes.”

Earth-Friendly Easter: No Plastic Eggs by Rachael

When it comes to Easter, we’ve all made more than a few mistakes hiding those pesky eggs. Either you forgot where you put the plastic ones, or you had to wait for the sulfurous smell of a real egg to hit you from its hiding place inside the mailbox. Rachael found a way to avoid BOTH those things and still manage to make Easter fun for her kids.

“Try making handcrafted wool felt eggs, painting nesting dolls to look like bunnies, or crafting felt bunny bags. Craft treat holders out of recycled toilet paper or paper towel rolls that can be tossed in the recycling bin when Easter is done. You can also use hollow wooden eggs. You can also consider going easy on the candy and giving small toys like jump ropes or consumable gifts like markers and paint.”

Ways to Make the Most of the Winter Months With Kids by Lori

When it comes to finding new and interesting ways to keep kids occupied over winter break, some parents end up breaking the bank. Lori has found a few simple, cheap and easy ways to make sure her kids get the most of family time during the holiday breaks.

“Crafts will keep my kids busy for HOURS. Today we did a simple craft that also works on fine motor skills. All you need is pipe cleaners and cheerios. Twist one end of a pipe cleaner so the Cheerios don’t fall off, then put the cereal on it until it’s nearly full, then twist the other end so it’s closed.”

20 Preschool Activities at Home by Rachael

Kids absolutely LOVE playing with a LOT of toys at the same time. So why not make the mess FOR them by creating a sensory box. The beauty of a sensory box is that it can literally be filled with anything you’ve got around the house.

“Fill a large, shallow plastic storage box with uncooked rice, beans, pasta, or bird seed. Add some scoops, cups, spoons, and tiny toys, and let your child play. Any spills can be swept up afterward, or set the box on a large blanket for easier cleanup.”

Milk Jug Turkey Craft by Rachael

Fall means two things for our children: changing leaves and turkey. Why not try a craft that encompasses both these elements? This Milk Jug Turkey Craft also doubles as a perfect centerpiece to any Thanksgiving table.

“To start, wash an empty gallon jug and allow it time to dry. Then cover the whole thing with brown acrylic paint. When the paint is dry, cut feather shapes from construction paper and glue on to make a tail and wings. Cut a tear drop-shaped red piece of construction paper for the turkey’s wattle (that thing that hangs under his chin!), and cut an orange or yellow piece of paper for his beak. Cut eyes out of white and black paper. Then glue it all on, and voila.”

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