Mumbling Mommy

None of us ever intend to become the wearer of a mom uniform, aka as a “momiform”. We like to think that becoming a mom won’t change our sense of style but inevitably, it does.

As moms, we’re short on time and as our priorities change, our wardrobes change with them. 

Of course, there’s no one official mom uniform. If you are getting tired of always looking the same, here are some easy ways to upgrade your mom uniform.

Wear Lighter Colors

When we become parents, we tend to start dressing in darker colors the majority of the time. Dark colors are easy, you never have to worry about clashing, and they are safe. No one wants spit up or juice on white pants. If you feel safer in darker shades, add a pop of color to your accessories instead. No matter what’s in your wardrobe, including basics such as a v-neck tank top, pieces can be bought in many colors – grab a few in both dark and light versions.

Accessorize Basic Outfits

Accessories are a powerful way to make even the most basic outfit something special. Add a statement pendant to a plain tee, and suddenly you stand out. Add designer belts by Gucci to your jeans and they are something special. Gucci are one of the most popular designers right now, especially for belts, and these are the perfect way to make an otherwise basic outfit feel like a million dollars. SSENSE offers tons of luxury items across Gucci, from accessories to whole outfits, to help you break out of your mom uniform mold.

Add a Sophisticated Jacket

If jeans and t-shirts are working for you, stick with them. Add a sophisticated blazer to smarten things up and add some extra style to otherwise dull outfits. 

Upgrade Your Changing Bag

If there’s a staple of all mom uniforms, it’s the diaper or changing bag. Even if your kids have long outgrown diapers, you probably still carry a huge bag around, filled with snacks, toys, wipes, and anything else that you could conceivably need. Upgrade your bag for a stylish leather or cloth version, and you’ll feel fab while still having plenty of room. 

Add Texture

Adding some texture is an easy way to upgrade any outfit. Depending on the weather, chunky wool or soft cotton scarves can work well, and statement jewelry will always help you to make a bang. Layering outfits with camisoles, shirts, and thin jumpers will also help your outfits to look more detailed. 

There’s nothing wrong with having your own mom uniform. It might make you feel comfortable and confident, and it will certainly help you to face all of the challenges that motherhood throws at you. But don’t feel trapped by it. Spice things up when you need to, and don’t forget that even moms can have fashion fun.

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