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How much do you know about the ingredients that go into your canine companion’s food? There’s one in particular that can be found in every kibble, and it’s no good for dogs. 

Today’s dry pet foods go through an extrusion process where intense heat and pressure are applied to a mix that pushes dough through a die before expanding into small pieces. The resulting product is dried in an oven and packaged for pet stores. A key element of this process is starch or carbohydrate. Kibble contains between 30% and 60% starch. 

The problem is that dogs don’t need starch – at all. In fact, it harms them a great deal. Here’s how. 

Understanding Starch

Our bodies break down carbohydrates into glucose to be used for fuel. This releases insulin, which moves the blood sugar (glucose) into cells. Insulin is found in both humans and dogs, as well as cats. Out of all nine hormones affecting blood sugar, insulin is the only one that lowers it. This speaks volumes for what the canine diet is supposed to be. 

Dogs are designed to raise blood sugar when carbohydrates are scarce, not lower it in the presence of excess carbs. This works in the wild where starch is nearly non-existent. Insulin converts glucose into fat and stores it, which goes a long way in explaining the current canine obesity epidemic. 

What Dogs Eat

The natural world offers several food sources, including fruits, nuts, seeds, grasses, and other animals. Grains like corn or wheat, which is where starch comes from, don’t get eaten because they need to be cooked and processed before gaining nutritional value. So as much as dogs need protein and fat, they certainly don’t need any starch. 

The reason it’s in pet foods is to lower expenses. Meat doesn’t contain starch, and fruits and vegetables contain 8% of it at most. Remember that kibble is 30% to 60% starch. 


So, what should you feed your pup instead? It makes sense to look towards natural solutions that are free from grains, fillers, and other nasty preservatives. Raw dog food for beginners is a compelling option. A raw diet contains nothing more than meat, bone, select vegetables, and berries along with healthy fats. 

There are no harmful cooking processes or sugary ingredients. If you’re interested in learning more, the Bella and Duke blog has information on raw dog food for beginners. They’re a local company that offers custom raw diets based on your dog’s individual needs. Each meal is frozen and shipped to your door at no additional cost. 

Combatting Canine Issues

Let’s end things off by taking a look at some of the other consequences of a starchy diet. One of them is that it contributes to the growth of harmful gut bacteria, which thrives on high-carb diets. This contributes to the prevalence of leaky gut syndrome among today’s dogs. It’s the precursor to skin diseases, behaviour problems, and much more.

Needless to say, our dogs are better off staying away from kibble and other starchy foods. Consider switching to an alternative such as the raw diet today. Your pup will appreciate it. 

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