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Separation anxiety is a big problem for kids, especially when they start school for the first time. It’s also a problem for parents and the transition can be difficult because you are not used to being away from your child for long periods. But it’s important that your child learns to be independent from a young age, so you need to tackle separation anxiety. If you don’t deal with it early on, it can lead to developmental issues later in life. The good news is, there are some simple ways that you can make the transition easier for you both. 

Practice Separation


Before you start sending your child to school for full days, it’s a good idea to practice separation for shorter periods. That’s why it’s a good idea to get them into a child care program for a young age. Start out by leaving them for a few hours and gradually extend the time. That way, you can both get used to being a part and when they start school, it won’t seem anywhere near as daunting. It also takes the pressure off you and gives you some time to sort things around the house or manage any other responsibilities. 

As well as sending them to daycare, you should leave them with family members for short periods when they are younger. Schedule these separation trial runs after naps and feedings because young children are more prone to separation anxiety if they are tired or hungry. 

Don’t Drag Out Goodbyes


When it’s time to say goodbye to your child, it’s important that you don’t drag it out for too long because this will only make it more difficult. You need to set a clear boundary by saying goodbye and leaving right away. If you respond to your child asking you to stay for longer, they will not get used to the separation and it will become more difficult each time you leave them. 

Set The Right Example 


It’s natural for parents to experience separation anxiety as well but it’s important that you set the right example for your children. Going to school for the first time or even going back to school after a break can cause a lot of difficult emotions in your child and it’s important that you help them to manage those emotions. If they can see that you are anxious and upset about leaving them at school, they will mirror those emotions and they will suffer from separation anxiety. It’s important that you remain calm about the situation and talk about all of the exciting things about school, without focusing on the separation aspect. When your child can see that you are positive about leaving them, they will be more likely to feel the same way and the separation anxiety should fade relatively quickly. 

Separation anxiety is perfectly normal in children as well as parents but it can become a problem if you don’t address it early on. If you find that it is a significant problem for your child, you should check whether everything is ok at school because there may be a reason that they don’t want you to leave them. Otherwise, follow these simple rules and you will notice an improvement in no time.  


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