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We are adding our fourth child to our home in May. The calendar says that this lovely little girl will arrive towards the end of the month but my body says it may be as soon as next week. I am frantically trying to gather up the last few things that I am going to need before she makes her debut. And by “need,” I literally mean the necessities. I’m still trying to find the right items for cloth diapering, nursing and general cleaning and clothing needs. One may wonder how I’ve arrived at this helpless point so close to giving birth and the answer is simple: I don’t know.

I find myself wondering about basic things, like how often to bathe a newborn baby, or what kinds of sleep cycles they should be in depending on how old they are?

I’ve set aside some time in my schedule this week for online comparison shopping and will be heading out to a few stores this weekend. With three other children in the house already, we are bypassing a lot of the “extras” that often accompany first, second and third borns. She will have so much entertainment just watching her siblings that we cannot stomach adding another gadget to our already-crowded residence.

Still. There are a few things that every newborn should have, and should have brand new. Here are my top three things that every bundle of joy “needs”:

1. A woobie. Whether it’s a blankie, a bear or a stuffed elephant, every baby needs something soft to cuddle with at night. After nearly ten months of being a part of mommy’s body, a snuggly friend seems more than appropriate for companionship. Always follow safety precautions, of course, but find something soft, silky or both that belongs only to the littlest member of the family.

2. A statement onesie. Is there anything cuter than a chubby baby in a sassy onesie? Maybe it is because babies generally cannot speak or the neutrality of their earliest expressions, but putting a statement onesie on an infant always makes me smile. We have a few of these on hand already, but my favorite is this little St. Patty’s Day clearance item that we picked up at Old Navy for $3.99. My grandmother was Irish and my mother-in-law’s maiden name was “O’Hara.” We thought this the perfect statement onesie for our little Irish princess.

My cute little “fella”

3. A hat, headband or other piece of head flair. My firstborn was bald from the day she was born until well after her first birthday. I resisted conforming to all-pink-all-the-time in her outfit choices which meant many a well-meaning old man called her “fella” for awhile there. I started buying little headbands to accompany her outfits. I did not really care if people thought that she was a boy, to be honest, but it gave me an excuse to buy some tiny adorableness. My sister-in-law hand makes these items, so this time around, I have even more reason to buy (shameless plug!). I also enjoy seeing little boys with baseball caps. Of course these items can be hand-me-downs, but invest in at least a few that will only be in the “awwwwhhhh” pictures of your smallest.

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