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If you are renting an apartment or residential unit and your contract is about to end, there can be a strong desire to just pack up your things, leave and find another place to live in. You are leaving anyway, so you might not want to exert any extra effort keeping the place spick and span.

Unfortunately, the real world will still need you to do a number of tasks as a responsible adult – you will have to settle any and all remaining bills, document the condition of your rented unit as you are leaving it, and finally clean it before you go. The cleaning part is significant in getting clearance, as most likely a part of your contract states that you should leave your residence in at least the same condition it was when you first got there. Otherwise, any damages or unwanted changes in the property might cost you additional charges, disagreements with your landlord, and even forfeiture of your advanced payments or bond amount.

While cleaning the unit yourself might seem like the practical thing to do, it isn’t always the best option. A lot of tenants who have put in the time and effort to clean up their former residence still end up losing their deposit due to strict cleaning rules coupled with the landlord’s expectations on how the unit should look like post-cleaning. This is why sometimes, tenants hire professional end of lease cleaners like Pristine Home to improve the chances of securing the bond while also lessening the stress that comes with cleaning it yourself. If you are still hesitating on paying for expert cleaning services, the following are some more reasons to help you make your decision.

Check Insurance Coverage

When you are looking for professional cleaners to hire, it is important to make sure that the cleaning company has insurance coverage and is legally licensed to perform services in your area. Having insurance coverage is a great advantage to have in case the cleaners somehow cause damage to the property. If the company has insurance, it means that you will be able to receive due compensation for any loss in property resulting from work done by the company’s cleaners. Imagine cleaning the property yourself and causing unwanted damage, not only will you lose your security deposit, you may also have to pay additional charges to make up for the property’s perceived loss in value.

Go For Quality Cleaning

This is an obvious advantage of hiring professionals to clean your place – they can surely do a better job at it. If you decide to clean the old place on your own, you might hurry it up and inadvertently miss some spots, causing you to come back at a later time to try to re-clean. This will not happen with professional cleaners, and if ever your landlord finds their initial work lacking, they will surely come back free of charge to meet his or her cleanliness standards.

Remember that these professionals have put a lot of time and effort into being good at what they do. They went through a specific training program and learned the necessary knowledge to ensure that proper cleaning is applied in every assignment. Additionally, they are a lot better-equipped to deal with the different cleaning tasks around the house – they have safe and standard cleaning chemicals on hand, they know how to use them properly, and they also come with the best modern equipment to carry out their cleaning services.

Spend Short-term to Save Long-term

While the rates of cleaning companies can be quite high, it is a worthy investment because it theoretically saves you money in the long term. First of all, the quality of cleaning they can offer all but guarantees your landlord will be satisfied enough to return your safety deposit once they are done. Having someone else to clean the place for you also means you will not have to go buy any cleaning solutions or go through the hassle of borrowing or renting cleaning equipment.

Spend Your Time Doing More Urgent Things

Aside from saving money and reducing stress, outsourcing the cleaning tasks will also give you more time to do other important tasks in moving out of your place. Instead of spending hours scrubbing the floors and wiping off the surfaces around the house, you can start cancelling your electricity, internet, water and gas services by visiting the respective providers and settling any pending fees or documents. You can finish up on your tenancy papers and even talk to your landlord about property viewings instead of tiring yourself dusting the corners of your old place.

Hiring a professional cleaner comes with a lot of positives and it is beneficial both to you and your landlord. Instead of taking unnecessary risks, save yourself the stress and hire expert cleaners to complete the task. Do your research well to make sure that you get the best cleaning service available and then you can focus on moving to your new place instead.


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