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A brand collaboration with Simple Wishes

By Elesha Nelson

This Tieback Hands Free Breastpump Bra from Simple Wishes has an impressive online description. It’s described as easily adjustable by simply tying the back as tight as you need it. As a nursing mom, this seems like a huge positive to me. I need a nursing and breastpumping bra that I can rely on and that’s going to stay securely in place.

I was interested to check out just how much of this reliability and fit that the Simple Wishes bra would deliver. Using the bra over several weeks gave me the opportunity to find out.

An affordable breastpumping bra

Before I even tried this bra I was impressed by one thing; the $19.99 price is enticing. It’s great to be able to buy a nursing and breastpumping bra that’s this affordable, so you can buy an extra as a spare. But, I know that cost isn’t everything when it comes to buying a bra for nursing and breastpumping, you need to get value for your money.

Comfort for your money

I know what I want most from a bra when I’m pumping; a comfortable fit that makes it easy to wear. This Simple Wishes bra gave me that. It stayed in place and I felt secure right through the whole process of pumping; equally so while I was nursing. The material of the bra is stretchy, so the fit doesn’t stay forever, you have to adjust the straps by tying them tighter when  you need to.

I did have a bit of a problem when I sat with my back against a chair; the knot at the back was uncomfortable to lean against. This isn’t a major deal though; it’s no more of an issue than I’ve found with other nursing bras I’ve tried.

Making it easy to use

Tying the straps on this bra isn’t easy to do when you’re wearing it; unless you have someone to help you out. I found that life is a lot easier if you get the fit right and then use the zip at the front, instead of having to tie and untie the straps all the time. I was certainly happier wearing the bra when I did this.

One thing I really loved about using the bra was the fact that it has a half bra with a hole that you can use for nursing your baby while you pump on the other side. This is great for time saving when you’re a busy mum, believe me.

Like any other nursing and breastpumping bra, the Simple Wishes Tieback Hands Free Breastpump Bra isn’t something you want to wear all day. It’s all about being a bra that’s easy to use and comfortable to wear while you are nursing or pumping. I found it to be a good product in this respect. It carried on being comfortable as my breasts changed size because I could just retie it to the right fit. It’s an affordable nursing bra that’s comfortable and easy to use.


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