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Location used to be a priority when it came to moving homes. Parents were worried about finding the best possible location in proximity to schools and business centers. However, the pandemic has changed our perceptions of locations. 

Indeed, a lot of parents have embraced remote working options. Working from home has its challenges, especially when you are trying to find rewarding work/life balance, but the coronavirus pandemic has shown millions the benefits too.

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Therefore, the change of working habits will influence our expectations in terms of property in a post-pandemic world. New priorities dictate the move too, such as:

Making the move safe for all

Pet adoption has exploded during the first wave of the pandemic, as self-isolated families chose to bring a puppy or a kitten, or adult rescue pet, into the household. Move forward a few months, and the cute puppy has turned into a fully grown dog. That’s when you get to realize that a house with a garden would be a better choice for your family than a small square . However, if your new home is far away, you’ll need to consider how to get your pet safely to your destination. Companies that offer safe pet transport such as Shiply could be the answer you are looking for. Indeed, long-distance trips can be stressful and tiring for pets. So, a lot of families who are moving are concerned about getting everyone safely home. 

New home, new schools

Moving homes inevitably will affect your child’s education as you will need to change schools. However, homeschooling during the pandemic has been a revelation for many families. A lot of parents worried that their kids would miss essential skills and lessons. Homeschooling programs have been a life-saver when schools closed down as they’ve provided high-quality programs for students of all ages. In many ways, parents have seized the opportunity to research digital learning options, considering homeschooling programs but also online schools that were already experienced with remote teaching. Many online institutions provide unique access to some of the greatest minds around the world, which makes them an ideal choice for your child’s education. 

Partially self-sufficient

Families who relocated or are relocating to the countryside are choosing homes with a large garden where they could grow vegetables. Homegrown vegetables are high in vitamins as they are harvested ripe, unlike imported produce. In an effort to embrace sustainable living, it’s not uncommon to keep some hens too for fresh eggs. A healthy lifestyle for a healthy planet, what’s not to like? 

Nowadays, moving homes is all about improving your life, by creating a safe and enriching environment for the whole family. Once you remove physical restrictions from the equation, your new home can be anything your family needs to thrive. 

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