Mumbling Mommy

Parenting is all about caring for other people — it is in the job description. But moms should try their best to take some time for themselves when they can — and here are a few ways to do it:

Quiet Moments

It may seem like an impossibility, but scheduling even a few minutes for yourself can do wonders. Meditate, pray or just sit quietly with a cup of coffee and enjoy it. Find simple ways to take a few minutes for yourself so that you can refuel for others.

Eat a Balanced Diet 

What fuels your body affects how you interact with everything else in life, including your children. Every person is different and there are many different styles of eating that could work for your schedule, preferences and more. The best plan is to eat as much natural food as you can.

A natural whole foods diet will be the best chance of you consuming the vitamins and minerals that you need to thrive both physically and mentally, so this is a great place to begin your healthy eating journey. Each meal should consist of a portion of complex carbohydrates, some lean protein, a large serving of fresh fruit or vegetables and a small portion of healthy fat, such as half an avocado or a handful of nuts. 

Establish a Skincare Routine 

Taking the time to create your own personalised skin care routine can be the perfect self care option for busy moms. Even if you decide to get up 10 minutes earlier, find the time to just get into the bathroom and perform a few basic skincare steps. Start off by washing your face with a scrub or cleanser that can remove any impurities from your skin, and finish off with something moisturising such as a bottle of the popular multi-use skincare oil from Dose of Colors. Even taking these two simple steps can help you to feel refreshed and reinvigorated.

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