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There are all sorts of ideas out there to combine the holiday season with style. It’s just a question of finding an outfit that suits you. 

And this holiday season, many work from home moms especially may wonder what to even throw on — whether it’s an outdoor, socially-distanced event or a Zoom family get together.  

In this post, we look at some classic ideas that you might want to try yourself. Check them out below. 

Wool Coats

Wool coats have always been popular among the fashionable at Christmas time. Not only do they provide warmth, but also a certain sense of elegance too. 

The trend at the moment is to choose light, pastel colors that contrast nicely with the seasonal reds, silvers, deep greens, and golds that we associate with the holiday season. Don’t be afraid to go light. It’ll still work. 

Go Full Pink

If you want to do something a little more daring, you can go “full pink.” The concept here is pretty simple: find a pink suit jacket and matching bottoms and go from there. It’s a daring look, but if you have the style to pull it off, you can. 

White And Sparkly

The nice thing about this look is that it reflects the winter season. You look as delicate as snow, chiming with your Christmas decor. Pair your dress with heels, and you’ll immediately look the part. Don’t be surprised if next year you see a bunch of people copying you. 

Full-On Festive

Today, there is nothing wrong with wearing different Christmas t shirts every day for the entire break. It makes you look fun-loving, open, and, frankly, quite stylish and confident too. 

The full-on festive look can also be a lot of fun. These days you can buy woolly jumpers studded with LEDs connected to a battery pack that flashes in time with the music. 

Gold Ribbon Earrings

If you have a set of gold ribbon earrings, the holiday season is the perfect time of year to whip them out. The color matches the season perfectly. And because it is Christmas time, you’re allowed to add a little extra bling to your outfit. Nobody is going to judge you for it. 

Indulge In Red Velvet

There aren’t many times of the year when you can get away with wearing red velvet. But thanks to Christmas decor, the holiday season grants you the license to do so. 

Red velvet is, in many ways, the perfect Christmas attire. You get to look both festive, elegant, and sexy at the same time – a great combination. 


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