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A home renovation can be one of the most exciting things. Knowing that your home is going to have additions that you have designed and desire. Home renovations do bring a lot of emotions with them. But here are some simple tips that can help you manage your home renovation in the smoothest way possible.

Plan ahead

Spend as much time researching as possible, including right down to the faucet, the door hinges, and the knobs that you want on your cupboards. This will not only give you a much deeper insight into the costs, but it will also give you more of an idea of how the finished product will look. 

You’re ideally looking for the finishing materials, design options, functional features, and storage too. Often it is better that you work with architects and interior designers at the same time. This will mean that you have all of your options laid out ahead of you.


Your budget is going to get stretched, but it is the thing that will dictate how much you can actually do. And your budget might give you more or less time to complete the project. There are very few home renovation projects that actually fail when the planning is done properly. 

But if people do tend to run into issues usually is because of the budget. Work out how much you can truly afford to spend, and then be prepared to add a sum on top. 

It is often suggested that you increase your budget by at least 10% to cover unforeseen circumstances and put this a little buffer aside.


There are usually some regulations that you will need to adhere to while you are having your home renovations completed. Planning permission will be required for many types of renovations, and if you don’t apply for the right permissions, you can end up with a fine. 

Many home renovation professionals will be able to talk you through all of the right permits.

There are, however, many situations where a permit or a license simply is not required. Make sure you understand the planning permission you require in your area.

Collect references

Unfortunately, there are quite a few Cowboy builders, or builders who are unreliable. It is, therefore, vital that you collect as many references as you can. Ask each company that you talk to you for references, as well as all of their social media so you can read reviews. 

Try to read reviews that are on verified purchased websites are where possible. Take a good look at their portfolio; there is a big difference between something that is great value for money and something that is simply too cheap and will be subpar.

Unfortunately, when you are in the middle of your home renovations, it will feel like you have a very long road to go down. There will be small things that feel like big issues and big issues that happen when you are just days away from completion. 

In the end, with perseverance and planning, you will be left with a space that you love and have built specifically for you.

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