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If you’re a fan of scrolling through social media feeds, or you watch TV makeover shows, you might be familiar with trying to copy interior design looks or use ingenious hacks to create the latest must-have accessories or channel the hottest trends.

The truth is that not all DIY jobs are created equal, and in some cases, you need to be more of a pro than an amateur to avoid trouble. If you’re a busy mom looking to run an efficient household and save on decorating, here are some DIY jobs that are actually doable.


Painting walls is one of the most effective and affordable ways to revamp your living spaces and freshen up the look of your home. If you fancy a change, or you’ve spotted a statement wall you’re desperate to try and recreate at home, painting is a relatively simple job, provided that you follow a tried and tested process.

Before you start painting, sand and wipe the wall to remove debris and dust and create a smooth surface. Depending on the paint you’re covering, you may need to prime the wall before adding the first coat. Cover the edges of sockets, window frames and fireplaces in tape to produce smooth lines and use a brush, rather than a roller, for smaller areas. Always allow the first coat of paint to dry fully before layering more paint. If you’re covering a dark color with a lighter shade, you may need several layers. It’s best to keep the windows open while you’re painting to ventilate the room and to cover floors and furniture in dust sheets to prevent splashes and stains. 

Appliance Repairs

If you’re rushing around trying to get the kids ready for school, or you’re knee-deep in diapers, the last thing you need is the washing machine or the refrigerator throwing in the towel. Although broken appliances can be extremely inconvenient, it is often possible to attempt your own repairs if you know which replacement appliance parts you need. You can troubleshoot using the instruction manual and manufacturer help sections online, and you can also follow step-by-step tutorials to fit the new part. Doing your own repairs will save you time and money. 


We all know that buying furniture can be expensive. If you’re a creative person, and you’re looking for ways to save on furnishing your home, why not embrace the upcycling trend? You can use items you already have or shop around for second-hand furniture to fix up and restore. Upcycling is all about taking a tired, old piece of furniture and giving it a new lease of life. You can paint, add decorative features or even make adjustments to repurpose the item. You could turn an old coffee table into a games table for your kids, make a beach house out of an old garden shed or use a stable door from a reclamation yard for a unique headboard, for example. 

Many of us enjoy DIY, but we have limits, and some projects may be a stretch. If you’re ready to flex your skills, why not take inspiration from this guide?

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