Mumbling Mommy

Motherhood, whether planned or unexpected, can certainly change you as a person. Your priorities change and shift — but there comes a time in many mothers’ lives when they start to reconsider going back to the workplace, whether it is when the child is an infant, or much later in their lives.

Whenever it happens, it is such a big decision and may have you thinking about your career and how you approach work now. With that in mind, here are a few things to help you get back on track. 

Consider your career 

Maternity leave or staying home with your little ones presents a golden opportunity to consider what you do for a living. You may have been thinking for some time that perhaps you no longer enjoy the job that you do or the career you have fallen into. Now might be the ideal time to retrain and work on some new skills to help you obtain a job that you could love and feel passionate about. Maybe you like the idea of studying for a new role entirely that requires more specific qualifications and skill set. Whether that is medical where this site lists open physician jobs or even other specific industries. A quick search online can help you find out some of the best ways that you can study from home to help you gain the qualifications needed for these sorts of job roles. 

Prepare for the change of routine

Prepare yourself and the family for a change in routine and make sure your significant other steps up, too. Work on the bedtime situation to make sure that everyone has a decent night’s sleep. Think about preparing ahead the night before, to give you less to worry about in the morning. Lunches, making breakfast ahead of time, even laying out clothes the night before to save on the rush. The change of routine doesn’t need to be painful, but preparation and organisation will help you get through. 

Remember that you are good at what you do

Your career is part of your identity — it was before parenthood and it is now. Empower yourself with the knowledge that you are in the right job and for the right reasons. Do not feel intimidated by your work colleagues or the dueling pressures of home and work. Your priorities have changed, but you as a person have not. Continue to flex your expertise.


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